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25-11-2002, 16:21   #1
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"Eeeeeh, do you remember when...?"

This is a board dedicated to nostalgia and retro-chic.

The scope of this board is necessarily wide. Try to avoid topics that are more applicable to other boards like Games or Emulators, but other than that post freely and enjoy yourselves.

Abide by rules and etiquette at all times, please.

1) Respect the opinions of fellow boardsters- one man's "Masters of the Universe" is another man's "Thundercats".
2) Discriminatory comments will not be tolerated.
3) No links to warez/romz/filez. As a general rule of thumb: if it ends with a 'z' it doesn't belong here.
4) Nostalgia is nostalgia and retro is retro- there are no age restrictions when posting here. I'm a child of the 80's but you don't have to be!
5) In respect of the above, try to keep content suitable for viewers of all ages.

I hope you have fun posting here.

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10-03-2006, 08:02   #2
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trading MP3's not allowed on boards.
you people know it.

from now on, if i see it, there will be bans for anyone doing it.
and i will push for site bans as well.

consider this the only warning given. if you havent read this, then tough.

and just to keep in the theme of this forum, lets just say, i will get old skool on your asses....
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30-01-2008, 04:39   #3
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Feel free to contribute to the All Things Retro boards wikipedia entry located here.
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