I didn't see anything on here about it. Not sure I fully understand it myself.

I like the idea to ensure more people can support themselves in tennis (even if the long term have a gos lose a bit of money). Plus holding 7 day events seems to make scheduling between weeks easier for the lower ranks (though that also has side effects). It seems like there are better ways to deal with match fixing.

The main issues with the implementation seem to be that there is reduced space in futures (due to 7 day tournament), so more difficult to start and that there is the no mans land when you start getting ATP points in challengers that if you don't do well immediately you won't have enough ATP points to go into more challengers but your ITF points have dropped off too much as well so you need to go back to futures where your ATP points drop off again.

Can they be fixed within the scheme? Is it as bad as the pros say?

For reference: https://www.atptour.com/en/news/atp-...ificant-revamp