This updated forum for 'Coupons & Living Frugally' more or less abides by the same rules as the Bargain Alerts forum - so please read that initially!

The most important elements of that are follows:

  • Please follow the standard boards rules (no nonsense, behave, treat users with respect, etc).. no asking for porn warez etc. No referral links.
  • The forum shall not be used by anyone for the purpose of personal gain by advertising their services directly or referring to same in their posts. This includes user names.
  • No Personal sales allowed here...
  • If you're suspicious that a user may be promoting a website or product, please use the 'Report Post' function to let us know. DO NOT start an interrogation on thread. It both derails the thread and makes it a pain in the ass to get back on track.
  • Referral links are not allowed.
I'd also like to re-inforce the following since there was issues with a particular coupon in the Couponing thread in the past:
  • A moderators decision is final - and we retain the rights to remove any coupon(s) which may be seen as potentially libelous or suspicious!
That's it - enjoy the Couponing and Frugal tips folks!