Sign up on this link to get €5 free parking credit! And full disclosure, i will get €5 credit too.

How it Works

Explore over 3,000 locations to find your perfect parking space
Save up to 70% on your parking
Save time & money and never stress about your parking space

There's an app as well. I used this a couple of times before posting to check it out and it worked like a charm. The credit will appears in your account when you open using and is taken off automatically when paying. You need to link a card so i used my revolut and it accepted it no problem.

There's a huge choice of spaces from private driveways to multistorey car parks and rates are better than the off the street price. I got a full day parking for under €6 in a small private car park. Also got a reduced rate in a Qpark. There's a small admin charge, it was 35c on €12 parking fee. Plenty private spaces available, short or long term and within a stroll of city centres. You reserve your parking in advance but can cancel if required.

Finally if you sign up you can even list your own space and make money from it!