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08-11-2018, 22:37   #16
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Originally Posted by Assetbacked View Post
US is an example of unrestrained capitalism where morals are putrid, the people are self-absorbed and narcissistic beyond belief, inequality is astounding, racism is epidemic, intelligence is low on a wide scale and the beacon of depravity is lit bright.

The greatest threat to world peace and should not be pandered to by our spineless, idiot politicians.
Why is everyone so harsh on the US? Especially on boards?
Homeless rate the same as every other first world country

Inequality rate
Worse than all EU nations but still better than many other non third world nations like china brazil argentina and chile

Less racist country than france, italy, poland, russia, finland

Why does everyone care so much about USA? Obsessed with saying its the worst place in the world, when its betetr place to live than most places, even if youre a black gay poor woman, Im sure if most countries were so scrutinised in every worst aspect of their society by international media then most countries would looklike horrible countries filled with horrible people

Case in point is that when that new brazilian president starts coming out with crazy notions and campaigns international media will barely care about it compared to how the world goes crazy for every insignificant tweet donal trump posts

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Originally Posted by Atlantic Dawn View Post
when they are actually from the posh part of Tallaght.
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08-11-2018, 22:42   #18
mad muffin
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I was in New York recently visiting my grandad. Couldn’t get over the state of the place. Potholes everywhere. Garbage piles everywhere. The stench of the place was overwhelming.

Everything was dirty and rundown. I suppose when people want to pay minimal tax there’s not enough money for the upkeep and maintenance of the city.
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08-11-2018, 22:48   #19
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If I never had to set foot in America again, I'd be fine with that. I did the J1 there, 95 I think, and numerous business trips since, could never imagine living there. Can't see myself ever going there voluntarily again. I could see myself living in China, India, Thailand etc much easier than ever living in America.

Was in NJ and pa in june, and the first piece of fresh fruit I saw was in my kitchen when I got home.
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08-11-2018, 22:48   #20
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Having lived here for the last seven years, I was going to comment that the Irish media is overly negative about the US, looks like a lot of posters on this thread are too

Its really not that bad people. Like Ireland, it has its good and bad points. If you're willing and able to work, you can be successful (good thing). If you fall on hard times or become ill, not such a pleasant place (bad thing). There are still plenty of opportunities for young people here, both for work and having the craic.

Mostly though, its a fcuking massive and diverse country, life is a lot different in Austin than the south side of Chicago for example. Or any of the rural areas in the midwest versus the east coast.
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08-11-2018, 22:53   #21
Harry Palmr
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Originally Posted by mad muffin View Post
I was in New York recently visiting my grandad. Couldn’t get over the state of the place. Potholes everywhere. Garbage piles everywhere. The stench of the place was overwhelming.

Everything was dirty and rundown. I suppose when people want to pay minimal tax there’s not enough money for the upkeep and maintenance of the city.
Going back to the 70s? Excellent, we'll get some great music and films soon!

Seriously though the social and built infrastructure of the USA is in a parlous condition.
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08-11-2018, 22:53   #22
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Went to New York a few years back, absolutely hated it, no desire to return ever. The people are a large part of the reason why. Everybody was miserable and even more zombie like than Dublin.

Everything was driven by money, again even more so than here.
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08-11-2018, 23:07   #23
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ireland is Booming ,why go to america to get an average job.
IF you get sick and you don,t have good health insurance ,
it,ll cost a fortune, to get medical care .
At least in ireland , there are not mass shootings every month .
There seems to be floods , hurricanes , every month in america.
We have fast internet, cable tv , the only thing america has over ireland is good weather ,sunshine .
American infrastructure ,roads ,bridges are neglected ,
so they can give more tax cuts to the rich, and buy more nuclear weapons.
America is more corrupt under trumps government,
the laws are written for the rich and large corporations.
one example, they passed a law so isps can sell anyones browsing history to advertisers .
so f u to consumers privacey.
it.s the land of the free , where people go to jail cos they cant pay for bail, or for just smoking hash .

In the 70,s and the 80s, america looked great ,compared
with ireland where we had 3 tv stations ,
3 or 4 radio stations .
Now we have fast internet, 100,s of tv stations and music streaming
on phones .
we have caught up with america in regard to tech and media.
So why go there .
Why support an extreme conservative with your dollars ?
The average person is more free in ireland than someone in the us .
I,m not saying its a bad country to live in, IF you have a good job and are earning a high salary .
I,M not sure if the social structure or the economy or the environment in america can survive on another 5 years of trump government.
There,s a limit of how much even the american government can borrow .

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08-11-2018, 23:08   #24
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Totally agree OP, absolutely zero interest in going there
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08-11-2018, 23:09   #25
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Been to a few spots and didn't like it. Nothing specific it just sets me on edge or something. That said i had a grand time in nyc
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08-11-2018, 23:21   #26
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I'd like to visit and see the place but I would never live there, happy out on mainland Europe.
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08-11-2018, 23:22   #27
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Nah, it hasn't ceased to exist overnight according to reliable sources.
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08-11-2018, 23:26   #28
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I would move to America tomorrow but all my commitments are in europe,
maybe when retired go to Texas for 2 weeks on a ranch
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08-11-2018, 23:48   #29
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I go once a year on average, as do many friends.
No-one I know have been discouraged because of the current administration.
Wouldn't move there thought, Ireland is best.
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08-11-2018, 23:52   #30
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Originally Posted by mammajamma View Post
I get pissed off with a lot of American culture, especially having had to live in it for years. So its one of those semi-ironic things.

I cant think of anything worse than Ireland becoming like America. American society is kicking up a ruckus BECAUSE of the problems it has allowed develop.

The way I see it, its better to kick up a ruckus here BEFORE we have those same divisive problems. Ireland is always following the American lead in society, and its a disaster in the making. Theres still time to learn lessons from others mistakes.

Some people, however, just cant see problems until they have already deeply rooted themselves. Its kind of maddening.

But back on point, I still think the United States has fallen off a cliff in attraction for younger people here.
I don't think the politics matter. As in I seem to get the impression that you're saying it's the whole tea party on one side and SJW's on the other. And it's those politics that I don't think matter too much.

I'm just back from a month there, in California, and I would never move there. The people are generally very nice. I didn't see any of the culture war crap that people go on about online. There's so much poverty. I saw people who were obviously sick on the sides of the street. It struck me as a country that doesn't care. It's a place where the dollar rules above all else. If you happen to be well off you can have a good life but otherwise it's just horrible.
It's weird though, even the tech people I worked with, who all own new teslas, thought they weren't well off. Silicon Valley is weird though. I know graduates who turned down 120k a year because they got offered more elsewhere. And yet there are people with minimum wage struggling to get by. I have no idea how locals actually afford to live there at all.
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