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26-03-2020, 16:14   #1
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Join Date: Mar 2020
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All bow before me on my return

I'm getting tired of hearing how these charitable do gooders are returning to the country which educated them, before they decided a very good salary wasn't enough, and instead followed the gravy train to Australia.

Coming back now in the middle of a national pandemic, bringing god knows what with them after travelling through a sequence of filthy airports.

Amazing how they all manage to give an interview to a TV channel or write an article for a newspaper on the way, all the while preaching their need to serve us mere mortals.

That's not to mention the jobs they are leaving. Imagine if all the philipino nurses in Ireland left for home in the morning?

It's selfishness dressed up as selflessness.

Pass me the sick bag.
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26-03-2020, 16:17   #2
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If you need a doctor, please make sure to ask them did they recently return. I'm sure you wouldn't want their help.
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26-03-2020, 16:17   #3
Tell me how
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Should we bow before you on your return to Boards. Would that help you to stop complaining at this time.
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26-03-2020, 16:21   #4
biko's Avatar
Good ol' begrudgery, cannot beat it
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26-03-2020, 16:23   #5
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Research salary and working hours and conditions compared to Ireland and you will see why they left.
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26-03-2020, 16:24   #6
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I wish I was smart enough to be a doctor too, OP. I know how you feel.
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26-03-2020, 16:25   #7
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26-03-2020, 16:28   #8
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I've heard a few people say this recently and quite frankly the ungrateful attitudes disgusts me.

We need all the help we can get. If anyone is willing to come and risk their lives to give it, and make no mistake, that's what they are doing, then I think they were absolutely worth the investment the state made in their education.
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26-03-2020, 16:28   #9
Trigger Happy
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Personally I refuse to be treated by anyone who is remotely related to anyone who emigrated since 1841.
It's the only way OP.
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26-03-2020, 17:22   #10
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Originally Posted by qoeqk View Post
Pass me the sick bag.
Go back to your little playstation and porn.
If you're lucky, those health workers will keep you alive long enough to gain some more emotional maturity.
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26-03-2020, 17:28   #11
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The urge to return home if one has the skills to help can be a strong one.
As can the grá for home when their is a crisis that well may affect loved ones left behind.

That the Medics are returning home really does bother me on a deep level.

What of our own cohort of immigrant Doctors and nurses abandon our HSE to return to wherever they came from?

Do we applaud them?
Or do we suddenly look at each other wondering how we fill the hole that those contracted staff have left in our frontline service?

There is a large number of SE Asian docs in our HSE as well as Filipino and EU nurses and doctors.
If they get the urge to help their home country, admirable as it is...

Will we be as understanding of their motivations as we have those home from Oz who are being lauded?

Their being here, leaves their adopted country in a far more precarious position.
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26-03-2020, 17:30   #12
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I'm getting fed up of all these mysterious first time posters who ALL seem to do nothing but throw out threads with the intent on causing heated responses. Most have appeared in March and the rest from dormant accounts. I would imagine a lot are just one or two people reopening accounts under different details after being banned.
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26-03-2020, 18:55   #13
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A mean spirited sentiment aimed at people making huge sacrifices for the greater good. Even yours, OP. Make sure you bring this up if you ever find yourself in an intensive care unit.
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26-03-2020, 19:02   #14
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Ignore it and it'll go away.
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26-03-2020, 19:17   #15
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Fair dues to anyone in the medical field who leave good positions overseas and come back to help.

Of course we had a share of "whennies" in the local who are completely different people
All we heard was

When I was on Bondi Beach
When I was in Vietnam
When I was in San Francisco
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