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08-03-2010, 22:35   #31
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Originally Posted by wildlifeboy View Post
Define Black Irish? is that like Paul McGrath?
I think Black Irish is mainly an Irish/American thing, it's a way to explain the shock of seeing someone who hasn't got red hair and freckles, doesn't wear a green waist coat and doesn't shout begorrah top o the mornin t'ya. Of course it all comes down to genetics 101, the first people to inhabit Ireland comes from what is now the Basque and Pyrenees region and small outside genetic contributions aside most irish are decendants of these first settlers. The label Celtic may also add some confusion as Irish people aren't really Celtic genetically but more culturally and lingusitically.
I think the Spanish Armada idea is a bit over romanticised as alot of surviviors were captured.
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16-03-2010, 20:41   #32
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If memory serves correct,my grandmother heard the banshee for the name Flannery once and I think she once heard it for the name Murphy as well. THis was during the early fifties. She was a firm believer in the banshee. I find it very strange though that there are no stories (that I have heard anyway) from the same area (Mayo) in relation to the banshee for the last thirty years or so. My father says it is because people have cars now and don't walk the roads in the dark as much as they used to. I don't know. It is interesting to read the posts about recent experiences.
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23-03-2010, 19:07   #33
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I heard one a few years ago.It was daytime and this uneartly screeching screaming occured.I rushed out the house thinking it was one of the dogs hurt.The dogs where all lying down peacefully.It went on and on for about ten minutes.The next day had a phone call to say my gran had died.
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27-03-2010, 10:54   #34
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does anybody know of a compilation of related stories?
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04-04-2010, 18:59   #35
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I never heard a banshee but I have often heard a fox howling at night. It is my belief that this is where the legend stems from .
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04-04-2010, 20:12   #36
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Patricia Lysaught has a lot written on this subject, and it's quite interesting. It's well worth searching for her name using Google Scholar!
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05-04-2010, 19:09   #37
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I know about 20 years a friend of my mother's and her husband went out for lunch and on the way back stopped at the 'Black Lake' near Loughgiel, (Co. Antrim) to go for a walk. She said that they didn't stay long as she was felt uncomfortable for some reason (the area does have quite a creepy atmosphere apparently the trees on the hill south of the lake were used for gallows in years gone by!). As they neared the car, all of sudden this high pitched ungodly scream started up out of nowhere, they ran to the car but they couldn't get the doors to unlock! Apparently the screaming lasted for about 10 seconds and then as soon as it stopped they could get the doors open...

I don't know if it's true but they still swear it's the truth. Later that night, my mum's friend's aunt took took very badly ill and died a few days later and she's convinced it was a banshee which was trying to forewarn her about her aunt's death.

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06-04-2010, 14:21   #38
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Originally Posted by ChristopherUno View Post
I think Black Irish comes mainly from the South-West and the sinking of the Spanish Armada and that some survived and had children with the locals who were tanned, but to us pasty white folks they were black! Dunno if there's any other stories about their origins, this one seems plausible enough though.
There would appear to be a considerable similarity between Basque and what is though to be original-Irish genotypes. Given that we probably had a Celtic overloardship rather than a displacement of the entire pre-celtic population, it seems that we should expect a high percentage of darker Iberian features among Irish people, and this is indeed so.

Slightly related to the banshee question, a late uncle of mine who is a life-long non-drinker and a very religious man, claimed for many years to have heard music coming from nowhere on a dark night on a country road (about 50 years ago) and a voice saying "the living are not welcome here". He absolutely believed it.

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06-04-2010, 15:01   #39
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See below about ancestry, sorry about being off topic but the term black irish annoys me as much as beggorah and top o' the mornin t'ya.

A group of my neighbours are meant to have heard a banshee one night, supposed to be an awful sound. Although having heard cats fishting in the early hours has turned my blood cold.
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08-04-2010, 23:47   #40
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Originally Posted by Crazymoo! View Post
There is a saying that he always used to say ''Two out of three can see a banshee'' which means only two people out of a group can see her.
When I read this I had to post, I had never heard that quote before but it made my mind up on whether I should tell my story or not. The banshee follows my mother's best friend's family. Once when my mother was about sixteen she was in her room with sister and her best friend. My mother and her friend both heard the banshee crying but my mother's sister couldn't hear her, she thought they were making it up, trying to scare her. Soon enough my mother's friend was told that her cousin in England had died.
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02-05-2010, 20:25   #41
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hey, i lived in an area which was prone to incidents near a banshee tree. incase your not familiar u can look them up but they dip out like a W. anyways i have seen a ghost or two near the site and the field beside the tree often had fork lightning strikes and causes the field to always go on fire it funny how it hits the ground and not the banshee tree thats the only thing in that field.. many people hear the horses scream and a lady screem late at night iv moved from that area but it is pretty bizzare.

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03-05-2010, 20:00   #42
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Its seems that the description of the Banshee's cry seems very like the cry of cats when they are mating, it is the most awful wailing sound and is probably where the idea of the Banshee started.
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03-05-2010, 20:28   #43
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Originally Posted by theacher View Post
does anybody know of a compilation of related stories?
There's the yeats book on faries and folk tales, I forget the name?
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05-05-2010, 23:58   #44
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afaik banshees are a cross/mix up with mermaids/siren's......sitting on rocks combing her hair...

in saying that my great granny swore blind she saw one sitting on a gate @ a crossroads in Kildalkey Co An Mhí one night....
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24-05-2010, 12:42   #45
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I was camping many years ago in Clare and I heard very frightening screaming sounds outside the tent. I went to investigate and found 2 big badgers locked in a fight and rolling around biting and scraping each other.
Frightening enough but mystery solved. Nobody I know died afterwards.
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