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06-08-2010, 12:03   #16
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A friend of mine in Cork did something similar to me. He asked me think of any number, don't say it aloud, then rang the "phantom" an ould fella he knows. The guy answered the phone and repeated the number I thought of back to my friend. He was correct everythime he did it.
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08-08-2010, 22:45   #17
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Well the golden rule with predictions is you either affect the outcome beforehand , or alter the prediction after the fact. So either it isnt a free choice, or there's something in the revelation.
I highly doubt its a psychological subtlety , so i'm betting its in the revelation.

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13-06-2013, 21:49   #18
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card to phone ................

here is something I invented about 10 years ago ......way before the card to phone app for the iphone ......enjoy

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13-02-2014, 13:24   #19
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I would assume that he is pressing a key on the keypad of the phone once the brother answers(Each time you press a key during a call the person who answers will hear a beep) a number of times for the card Suit... I.E Hearts -= 1 press(1 beep).. Clubs = 2 presses (2 Beeps), etc.. Then a pause and the required amount of presses for the card number.. Ace -= 1 beep, jack 11, King 13,

The brothers and wives are in on the trick and once the message has been delivered the phone is handed over.

Ask him to do it with the speaker on.
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27-03-2014, 23:06   #20
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Does he actually know what the card you pick is before during or after the call is made? Or can you pick the card put it in your pocket and not show him?

It could be a force card (a whole deck of 3 of clubs') but he switches the deck once you pick the card or while he hands you the phone..If he gives you the deck to examine after the trick (as opposed to before!) then there is something dodgy with the deck IMO
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29-10-2014, 00:31   #21
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exactly its always the 3 of clubs LOL
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