As of Friday morning, EST, Tropical Depression 03W has developed 340 miles to the southeast of Guam and has maximum sustained wind of 35 mph. Development has been slow during the past 24-36 hours, and will continue to be slow through the weekend.
Over the weekend, a slow movement to the north is expected which will bring the storm just to the east of Guam on Sunday, possibly as a tropical storm. Early next week, 03W will begin to accelerate to the northeast, away from the Mariana Islands as it is picked up by the jet stream winds.
Elsewhere, no tropical cyclone formation is expected for at least the next 24-48 hours.
By AccuWeather.com Meteorologist Adam Douty.
I know this basin is the most active in the world but aren't February and March supposed to be the most inactive times of year for development?

The UK Met office earlier this month remarked on very high temperatures around Indonesia that could be causing the rigid position of the jet stream.

Could these temperatures in Indonesia also be the reason for earlier than usual tropical storm development in the NH part of the pacific?

Interested in your thoughts.