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30-12-2012, 18:37   #1
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RTE Player problems AdBlock Plus using Chrome


up until about 2 weeks ago, I was happily using AdBlock Plus in Chrome on the RTE player website. Now, programmes will not play unless I disable ABP. Ads are still being blocked on YT etc.

Anybody else experiencing this or have any workarounds?

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30-12-2012, 18:42   #2
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i'd try adding to the whitelist in adblock options.
then adblock>options>whitelisted domains

and add to the list, same as disabling but saves a mouseclick every time...

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30-12-2012, 19:40   #3
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I want to block the ads, thanks.
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30-12-2012, 19:58   #4
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I just use opera , or firefox browser,for rte iplayer .then use chrome for everything else.
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07-03-2015, 18:13   #5
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If you pay your TV Licence you should not have to watch ads on that horrible low resorption player they have the cheek to call a TV Player.

This closed D4 club is just a jobs to the family club, a closed shop that only looks after their cronies, and it should be made to live in the real world.
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07-03-2015, 19:35   #6
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Please don't bump old threads. Thread closed.
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