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You need a buffer box with a vca capable of accepting a control input. Analogue synthesis modules as found at schneidersladen would do it. Like patch the phase-flipped OP of a ramp generator set to a very low frequency to the control IP of a VCA. That would give you a gradual fade of the audio.
I'm sure some bespoke solution using these technologies could be fabricated by a guitar systems tech.
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The boss RC 20 has a face out function on it. I've only ever seen one guy using it on it and asked him about it after his show. He showed me how to set it up but alas I can't remember. It seemed very easy though!

Any users of this pedal interested in using fade out like the OP should be able to find out how using the manual.
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Originally Posted by if6was9 View Post
The boss RC 20 has a face out function on it.
Unfortunately those boss double pedals only fade out pre-recorded loops played back from memory, not live loops you've created on the fly. I need a pedal that I can use for loops I've created live from scratch. Besides, a separate unit gives me more options re placement in a effects line.

I've ordered the darth fader pedal, I'm hoping to get delivery next week. Will post back a review once I've played around with it for a bit.
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01-03-2012, 11:11   #19
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I'm bumping this thread to give a bit of feedback on the MegaBeat Audio "Darth Fader" pedal. It arrived yesterday and it's great, exactly what i needed, and lovely and simple to use.

You just set the fade mode from the 3 options in, out, or "in out" (this last one alternates between in and out each time you press the pedal), set the duration in seconds from 1-40, and set the depth of the fade, which is how many decibels of the volume you want to fade down or up by, up to a full 60db maximum. If you turn the knob up all the way it fades all the way, half way and it fades half way, etc.

It's also got 3 preset slots and very good large sized LED indicators which are easy to read at a glance.

It has true bypass, and works on 9V battery or any standard connection centre negative PSU with the right power rating. I'm using it with my Boss pedals PSA-240 power supply and daisy chain cable and it's working great.

The build quality is very good. The external switches and connectors all look like good quality, tough, and hard-wearing components. The first thing i did when i got it was to crack it open and take a look while removing the included battery. It's hand made, and hand made WELL with good wiring and connections, and a fairly rugged looking PCB. I was particularly impressed by the warranty offered. It has two years all parts and labour and free shipping included, which shows they have a lot of confidence in the quality of their pedals, and they seem to offer a very personal level of customer service. They even threw in a free daisy chain cable because the order was delayed by a few days while they waited for some parts to come in, which was a very nice touch.

It cost me €169 including shipping. That was an introductory price, down from it's usual €199 price point. It's a little expensive, but it's basically a hand built non mass-produced pedal which should last me a lifetime, and looks like it comes with really good quality customer service to boot, so i can't really complain, as it looks like it offers very good value for the money.

Overall, this is a great pedal if you're looking to be able to fade loops or effects in or out, or modify volume levels in a signal chain on-the-fly to get different levels of crunch or distortion in your sound for example. There's nothing else like it available over the counter anywhere that i could find, and I'd have no hesitation in recommending it if you need a pedal that does what it does. I've only had it 24 hours, but i can already tell it's going to be an indispensable part of my guitar setup from now on.
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