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Need help with Anglo Irish Treaty essay! Please ?

What were the main stages of the negotiations of the anglo irish treaty 1921 and what were the primary strengths and weakness of its delegation?

What ive done so far is my introduction, describing first was prelimnery negotiations, then the negotiations, the signing , strengths and weaknesses of delegation and then the reaction of ireland and dáil!

Is that right? Only thing is I have only weaknesses for the irish delegation. Is that ok or ? Ive read through the whole case study and no strengths so far tbh...

Thanks in advance!
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How I'd go about this q:

What were the main stages of the negotiations of the anglo irish treaty 1921 and what were the primary strengths and weakness of its delegation?

Right, by the looks of this question you can analyse both the Irish and English side of the delegation - which would be key to being able to pick out strengths and weaknesses.

1. Intro

2. Background to things -> ie. what was the situation like etc. - what could Lloyd George offer De Valera, What could De Valera offer Lloyd George.

3. The delegations - why were the Irish delegation chosen? ie. a mix of moderates and more extreme people - perhaps this was a strength? The delegation was possibly a microcosm of the Dáil at the time. Write about the delegation's goals - De Valera's idea of External Association. Mention de Valera not going - was this a good decision? (Two sides: some say it was good, some say it wasnt...)

4. Mention the British delegation - their aims. The major differences between the two sides - the British delegation was very strong compared to the Irish in expertise. The British had the advantage due to location - and the British had the advantage of a large army and the threat of war.

5. WEAKNESSES -> as the talks went on -> disagreements amongst the Irish delegation -> the Childers dispute. The breakdown into sub committees, dominion status etc. (basically write about how the talks advanced!)

6. The draft treaty - contents - conflict back in Ireland about it. Divisions in the Irish parliament. Weakness!

7.The delegates return to London - the final concessions (Write about the ending of the talks). This could actually be shown as one of LG's major strengths - his ability to make a concession. Lloyd George showed great negotiation skills - particularly surrounding how he handled the last days of talks. -> Offering the Irish the chance to control tariffs was a strong move! Remember to mention the oath -> Source of much controversy!

8. The treaty itself -> what was in it, why did the Irish sign it!

9. The Reaction of the Dáil! (Pretty self explanitory)

10. Conclusion - Just outline the strengths etc.

Just roughly did that out there, excuse the sloppiness.
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