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14-04-2008, 10:04   #1
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Funny old songs / poems from school

Just remembered one called 'Bang Bang Rosie'.
In my innocent youth, I always presumed Rosie had a flatulance problem, but maybe she was interested in a different type of banging??
Only ever knew the first 3 verses...




Bang Bang Rosie,
Rosie bangs all day,
Who's gonna bang for Rosie
When Rosie goes away.


Rosie had a boyfriend,
his name was diamond dick,
He always showed his diamonds
but never showed hiss......(chorus)


Rosie had a brother,
his name was tiny tim,
She threw him in a river,
to see if he could swim,
he swam all the rivers,
he swam all the falls,
Rosie got excited,
and grabbed him by the.....(chorus)


Rosie got a bike,
She got it from her granny,
everytime she rode it,
the spokes went up her.....(chorus)

Rosie had a Penguin,
Rosie had a duck,
She threw'em in a barrel,
to see if they could......... . (chorus)


Rosie had a cousin,
his name was trixy trollix,
everytime she met him,
he fiddled with his............(chorus).
Remember one that went:
I was walking down the lane... swinging ma chain,
Along comes a copper, and takes down my name,
Out with my penknife... clickity click,
Down with his trousers and off with his....

A few month later in the county jail,
I ripped my balls off a rusty nail.
I asked my momma what to do,
She said stick them together with super glue.
Wow, I'm bored this morning.
Anyone remember those or got any more?
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19-04-2008, 00:00   #2
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Nice one Cyril;
Nice one son,
Nice one Cyril,
Lets have another one...
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19-04-2008, 20:50   #3
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Charlie had a pigeon, a pigeon, a pigeon,
oh, Charlie had a pigeon, a pigeon, a pigeon,
He flew in the morning, he flew in the night,
and when he got home he was covered in sh . . .
aaaarlie had a pigeon, a pigeon a pigeon
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19-04-2008, 22:18   #4
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oo ah I lost my bra
I left my knickers in the postmans car
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19-04-2008, 23:05   #5
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Originally Posted by whiskeyman View Post
I was walking down the lane... swinging ma chain,
Along comes a copper, and takes down my name,
Out with my penknife... clickity click,
Down with his trousers and off with his....
AH-HA!!! Now I know why we were banned from singing that - we only knew the first 2 lines so didn't see what was so bold about it!

Anyhoos there was a post like this a while back named 'Dirty Dittys'
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23-04-2008, 02:36   #6
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a fart is a chemical substance...
it comes from the planet bum,
it penetrates the knickers,
and comes out with a mechanical hum!

and the classic:

daisy daisy give me your tits to chew,
im half cra-aazy me balls are turning blue,
you dont need a rubber johnny,
a plastic bag will do,
but youll look sweet,
goin down the street,
with me on top of you!
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