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Why didn't they rivet the lanels correctly?

And tell us more about the illegal trawer and its crew, I've never heard of them and I've a few books read on the titanic
It was to do with the political forces and loyalty in the dockyards and amongst the different ( trades/working) crews in the shipyard at the time. The workers could not afford to strike or lose their jobs (look what happened an organised strike with huge support and milomentum at the time with Jim Larkin ) but up north it was extremely volatile at the time - you’d need to google your IPP, Home Rule , Redmond and Carson history to get a sense of it. Suffice to say sime of the crews dis not complete the job properly in whole lengths of the Titanic where the rivets were not finished securely - a firm of industrial sabotage/ political protest that had an impact on the stability and ability of the T to withstand the forces of that night.

The boats that spotted the rockets and eventually came to the rescue of the Titanic both swore in the inquest/ investigation that there had been a third trawler much closer to the lifeboats in the area that night. She was fishing illegally. Many survivors swore and testified to seeing a white trawlers light in the vacinity - both captains of the carpathia and the california also said there had been another boat - a fishing boat or trawler at least an hours distance from them. It remains one of the hidden maritime mysteries who this boat and her crew was. Had they gone to the pightbiats rescue many of those who frize to death in the lifeboats would have been saved. She has never been identified.