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Its long been the contention that the British Army found Northern Ireland useful for training for its troops to be deployed elsewhere and the development of interrogation techniques! Think of it, they could do what they liked without getting asked too many questions about methods!
Yeah and theres lots of stories about all sorts but the year is 2020. So you can either believe and tear yourself asunder with hate on conspiracies of the past which no one on this planet can prove let alone do anything about................or you can move on and put it to bed.

I would have thought being as those troops had just returned from another hell hole (Aden 1967) that banging around Ulster in a few Landrovers wouldnt be up to much.

Most of those people (anybody involved) now are entering their final years. What can you do? Pursue people to the grave while the leaders get away scot free because they were or now have become politicians........so for some unknown reason are immune.......or move on.

If you are going to go after some soldiers that are almost 80. Then you had better go after every single terrorist as well and not leave anybody out.

I dont know what the answer is but living in the past isnt it.