Some of what the NTA's Cycle Manual allows for is a good reason against segregated cycle lanes / tracks.

Have they learned anything from the nonsense which has already been built?

Fully segregated roundabouts
Cyclists and walkers should also be segregated.

Shared surfaces and crossing like these. Crazy that cyclists going along the road are told to yield and share space when motorists are not (ie it's different on a shared street)... I'm really unsure about these examples under the uncontrolled crossings, here. And the use of bollards on a crossing which is supposed to fit both cyclists and people on foot...

It says this junction design -- "Cyclist Deflection, in truck-intensive areas" --is not suitable for "main cycle routes", I would content it's not suitable anywhere. And the same design is listed elsewhere as "side roads for HGVs" in without any warning about not being used on "main cycle routes" what ever they are.

And this is more off the wall stuff for where a two-way cycle track meets a side road: