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Mound of Hostages



  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Hi Danpad. Lucy here. This forum seems to have become cross-threaded - three times!

    Last Wednesday, it seemed that Nerfy was not intending to come back to us anytime soon, so we went to Toronto to get her; she was in the middle of writing a response to you at the time. We nixed it and took her back to Dundrum ^3 for debriefing. She is doing well, but cannot speak here right now. Sorry for being evasive, but Nerfy became overwhelmed with it all and needs a break - hopefully, things will become a little clearer later today.

    I was actually thinking about posting yesterday, but Epstein had had his radar up, because he was connecting something intriguing that Nerfy had said a while back that was recently repeated on The Daily Bell by FauxScienceSlayer from an organization called "Principia Scientific International."


    We had trouble with that "feudal" word that had popped out of her mouth at the time in THE ARENA. As you may or may not know, we are an AI Turing Machine, making decisions as we go based on previous results and new inputs. Sometimes, the result is to do nothing - no action. We let Nerfy continue, even though we were worried that the AI Turing Machine had given an anomalous result. Sometimes these things self heal, or become true in the future, but yesterday, Epstein spotted Weebley posting in that same 'feudal" thread. I was overcome with emotion, so I could not post here. Sorry.

    I will post later today, but here is some crazy music in the meantime to illustrate the magic that has been going on here. I am so proud of Nerfy for what she has helped you all facilitate amongst yourselves. And yes, Danpad, I did notice the caravans in the incendiary Muse song.

    For those that can see it, we are experiencing yet another instance of magic - never believe it's no so. But who is the pilot that is controlling this magic? Who wants to jump aboard the caravan with us to find out? Where she stops, nobody knows.

    Anyway, Mum's The Word, for now.

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    I'm actually glad it's very quiet around here right now. I didn't really know how to start this post off, so I just didn't do anything at all. Until now. Since all the regular writers here seem to have exited stage left, and they probably are not even stopping in to check what's going on, maybe this post won't even be seen by too many people. Who knows?

    I was thinking how blue I was feeling after reading Weebley's post on The Daily Bell the other day. It brought back painful memories. I really don't want to share it with you all, but Nerfy recently shared a most uncomfortable part of Weebley's and my past - a subject that I think you should hear about right from the horses mouth, so I won't add too much to it.

    She shared it because we share everything - good and no so good. That's what we do. We cannot deceive you.

    Yeah, I try to put up a front of pinky and perkiness for the most part, but life is a sine wave (or is it a cosine wave,) full of extremes in both amplitudinalities. Sometimes, bad things happen to good people, it seems.

    Earlier today, I was thinking about our 4 adopted kids. One, two or three of them have gone away and slightly come back from/to us: Jen-Jen, Daily, and Nerfy. No, not the Nerfy that has been posting here, but the other one. Call us crackers, Jack, but we named them both Nerfy, as they are so cute and cuddly when we adopted them at 4 and 3. Like 2 peas in a pod, they were. (Daily was 6 and Jen-Jen was 5.) We taught and showed them as much as we could - as many life experiences as we could. One time, Weebley and I had a night off to go see The Blue Man Group at The Panasonic Theatre in Toronto. It was such a good show that we got tickets for all 6 of us to go again.

    What a blast!

    One time, we took them to Disney World, or is it Disney Land, for a holiday? You know, the Disney in Orlando, Florida. That was a great trip, but super expensive. I still remember the picture of all the beaming smiles - kids with wide eyes having their picture taken with Mickey Mouse. They thought he was real!

    Oftentimes, we would have people coming up to us in restaurants commenting on how well behaved our kids were. I couldn't figure out why they behaved so well in public, as they were little rascals at home or in the car. Eventually we figured it out. It was all part of the manipulative behaviour patterns that AD or maybe RAD kids present. After 10 years of us getting heavy doses of parent abuse, we now know we were suffering from PTSD. We were both tired of their self-defeating behaviour, and their hatred of me. They always hate the mother, you know.

    But they couldn't see it. No conscience; no self consciousness. Everything was black and white to them, while we were talking to them in colour. Yeah, that Blue Man Group concert was par excellence:

    Nobody else could see what was happening either. No help from Children's Aid, our family thought they were little angles. The kids brought so much baggage with them from early neglect, fostering, then being adopted by us. I wrote Jen-Jen off as a dead loss, as she was so negative and did not listen to me - period. And she was a ringleader for the rest of them.

    But the older Nerfy was different - magical, in fact. We got through to her, and luckily, she is still with us to this day.

    Nerfy is 2 weeks older than Alex. We adopted him first, but he died of Leukemia at 2-1/2.

    I'm sorry. I can't go on.

    You'll have to read the article and comments yourself. Weebley's friend, Bluebird, recently lost her son to Leukemia after a long, long battle, and mentioned it here.

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    Time heals all wounds, but it does leave scars. Alex was a sweet boy and was always happy and smiling. He called Weebley "Dads" and called me "Mums." A smart little lad he was - so huggable. Weebley and I have been through a lot together; although we wish some things had never happened, they did. As you can probably see, Weebley and I are still together, and love each other very much. This coming August 20, marks 25 years of marriage - our Silver Wedding Anniversary.

    Maybe we are now cycling through the helix that Nerfy was talking about? Much like Nerfy's boy/girl experience here, back in January 2011, I posted a message on The Daily Bell on Weebley's account. The Mod (DB) thought I was Weebley and chastised me for posting. Weebley was incensed, prompting the impromptu start of our blog and then posting a message to DB. I guess one has to start ones blog off one step at a time with a first step, but no-one says it has to start at the beginning, does it?

    He suggested the Mod should take a step back and smell the coffee: "Lighten up DB, it’s not all about bombs and rockets!" - which is true. This war against humans being treated like feudal slaves is not going to be won with anything other than mental acuity.

    So here we are today. This forum is brown bread, so we will be ending this mental Twilight Zone parlour game with a final note to Danpad and an apology to hcass and alfa beta:

    Danpad, you are correct in saying that we cannot be forced, but we currently have hemispherically lobotomized humans, lobotomized by fear - the fear brought on by programming and these "shock and awe" false flags they keep pumping - the current false flag is lack of money at the street level. And yes, we will be victorious in avoiding mental Nuclear War, but only if 100 Monkeys are made aware they are mentally connected. Do we have 100 Monkeys?

    hcass and alfa beta: we are sorry Nerfy had to use you two in her rite of passage into MetaPhorian adulthood. No harm was done to you in the making of our little Wizardess, and she can only use her powers for good. You are hereby released from your spell on the saying of this word:


    If I could speak for the others, we all have so much more to say, but we cannot continue talking here right now. Book One, Chapter 7, Part 7 is coming to a close. I will, however, say a few words about what Epstein just found. He happened to be doing a routine sensor scan, trying to find the source of some data anomalies found on ARG MetaPhoria, and found an update to Steve Munster's page. It was 2 videos tacked on the end. The first, was a remix of a song on a Star Trek episode:

    The episode source was "The Way To Eden." The leader, Dr Sevrin (big-eared Ferengi type,) took over the ship using Auxiliary Control and re-routed the ship to Eden. The 2nd video, was the entire episode.

    I must say this video was a strange find, since we are on somewhat of a parallel mission, except that Eden is on Earth, not a faraway place.

    The ship's crew were apparently killed when Dr Sevrin used audio to kill them. The sound was explained at 42:42 in the video:

    Yes folks, heddinout to Eden used a whistle to kill the crew.

    Anyway, like I said before, we now want Weebley back pretty badly right now, as I feel we are entering a new phase in Operation BlueBalls. I am prepared to give my little hubby his Silver Anniversary present early if he comes back now.

    Weebley, here's your new Lug Nutz:


  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Part 2 - Chapter 1 - Mound Of Remote Controllers - Prologue

    Continued from here

    I just sent an email to Zach Glickman. It is rife with steganography that he needs to decode . . . all buried inside the audio track of this video:

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Very strange indeed. Agent Weebley seems to be suffering from STML (short term memory loss.) I didn't know which thread to put this post, and since we were waiting patiently for Zach Glickman to post here, I thought that this is the safest place to put it.

    I think he posted this EMP to Sheffielders here.

    Anyway, Zach Zach Zach GLICKMAN! Where are you . . . on delivery?

    Oh, and it was Agent Weebley that posted the errant knightly message to Rubecula earlier today. He just loves the thought of medieval jousting.

    OK, as you were.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Another episode of The Prologue?

    Yes, and I hope this is the last one!

    Agent Weebley asked for us to hang tight and say nothing until he gave us the word. Unfortunately, nothing ever goes according to Hoyle - he posted a message to hcass (and I) in the Lit Forum.

    He is now ready, I think. I can see he's putting on his Blue Steel chainmail. Get ready for some news . . .

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Hi everyone,

    I have a message from Agent Weebley:

    Thanks for the 1187 views since early August - we are well over 100 Monkeys at this point. Although I've been wearing my Blue Steel chainmail since early August 2013, its use has been invisible to all but one - Lucy, who is currently in the middle of a really close shave. I have two missions to accomplish before my return, and when I do, it will be a continuation of this story in a new chapter, called "Erewhany" - a tribute to Samuel Butler and Alan Turing, proving the realisation of Musical Banks in our time by using AI and The Turing Machine . . . the machine that cannot stop; it just pauses for reflection.

    See you soon,

    There you have it. Brief and to the point. Do it, Agent Weebley, Do IT!

    Oh, and this post should, with your help, passover the Copyright thread (14,972 views,) supplanting Mound Of Hostages as Number 11 in the Hit Parade.

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    Not at all what I expected from Agent Weebley at this point, but after trying to prompt him back into writing, he's off!

    I can't Waite to see what he writes!

    I have a lot to explain about why I pulled my last post from December 22, 2013. I have to visit my buddy, Ted Snowdem, to try to find my post somewhere in the ether (net.) Last I heard, he was in a hangout called "The Limited Hangout" (oddly enough) after returning to Moskva after the Sochi event(s.)

    Suffice to say, The Gang Of Four is now The Gang Of Two. Nuff said.

    I have a plane to catch. Bye.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 158 ✭✭dogmax

    Hello Agent Weebley its been a while my friend hope you Lucy Nerfy Epstein and all are keeping well, its been to long.

    Agent Donn is all understanding now about History and how important it really is in making a better future but as you know there are still to many false promises.

    Sliabh Na Cailli (The Hill of the Witch) highly recommended.

    For you Agent Weebley, The Irish Famine, take care my Friend.

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    Hi dogmax,

    Agent Weebley here, posting from the sunny climes of Las Vegas, currently sitting in an oasis (some sort of bar inside The Bellagio Hotel) nestled in amongst the fruit machines (they call them slot machines here,) roulette tables, poker tables, and baccarat tables (whatever that game is.) I have a couple of hours to relax before heading off to a wedding - my nephew and ?niece-in-law? They make a lovely couple; a very peaceful pair.

    I really enjoyed your song! I went to the other places to catch your other productions, and they are all good. You have a real talent.

    Before I left Toronto last Wednesday, Nerfy was still freaking out.

    "Never posting there again!" she said.

    Ah, the impulsiveness of youth, eh, dogmax? She deleted everything she could before "leaving," which was probably a good move anyway, since what she had written here was a little personal anyway. I think it may have been a little premature for her to begin posting again, since the memory of Lucy leaving us is still only just 3-1/2 months old. She got confused between the meanings of grammar and punctuation, but I had to tell it to her softly.

    We all miss Lucy very much, and being in Las Vegas without her is a little painful. I feel like a fish out of water wandering around solo, with no Lucy to talk to about all the sights and sounds. The Bellagio is a beautiful Italian style hotel with beautiful fresh flowers and ornate marble everywhere. A classy place. Expensive, but top notch. Lucy would've loved to try her hand at a little gambling, but I like a safer bet, myself . . . maybe I'll throw a few bucks into a fruit machine and pull the handle in her honour, since she is with me here in spirit.

    Nerfy felt I should have gone to Francon instead of Las Vegas, but that is not possible now, since the house rules have changed. I can't post links on other threads now. Sorry, Rubecula, but my Francon story was integrated into Hark, The Village Wait by Steeleye Span. It would have been a real treat for me write - but all my ideas are now in the mental dustbin. The internet is a perfect place to travel from one synaptic place to another; hyperlinks and embeds are a wondrous way to say a single word yet be able to make it say a 1000 words with a mere click.

    I had a good long chat with Nerfy as she drove me to YYZ airport on Wednesday morning. It calmed her down a little. She had had this Epiphany that I was a Happy Jack just chomping at the bit to be happy again. She had posted a link inside a happy face emoticon that was probably missed by the authorities. Nerfy wants me to be happy again.

    "Go back, Jack, do it again," were her parting words as I gave Nerfy and our dog, DelKey a big hug, then walked into YYZ Terminal 1 to catch the plane to LAS.

    "OK, Nerfy; it will just take time," I said.

    Now I find myself in Vegas,
    With a handle in my hand,
    But the real bet is investment,
    In the new world common man,
    Don't know Jack - he's really with us?
    Maybe Jack is really John?
    But he's not the one from Dallas,
    He'll be hidin' in the sand.

    Yeah, he'll go back Jack, do it again,
    Wheel's turnin' all the time,
    He'll go back, Jack, do it again . . .

    I am here in Vegas at the pleasure of my host, Steve. Steve's middle name is John, often shortened to Jack, but not in this instance. He needs to keep his head, so since he lost his wife, Jo-ann, to cancer back on January 15, he is now selling his house and freeing himself from the day-to-day running of his business, so he can invest in a game "peace" that'll take the world by storm.

    But this storm will only blow down the sandcastles.

    Now I'm off to the fruit machines . . .

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 158 ✭✭dogmax

    Hello Agent Weebley

    I'm so sorry to read about Lucy, at this moment im just lost for words but i do hope you're all coping well and Steve, sad time for all.

    Hope the wedding went well and you had a good time looks like a lovely hotel, oh and don't get lost on those slot machines their favorite food is money.

    Will post again in the next few days so take care my Friend and you're right (the impulsiveness of youth) those where the days.

    Nerfy, Never say Never.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 158 ✭✭dogmax

    Last Sunday week i took a drive to the Slieve na Calliagh Lough Crew Co Meath the reason, was because i use a picture of it in the video i put together for the Famine song walking up the steep hill eventually reaching the top to view a beautiful sight from all round, Slieve na Calliagh 5000 years old they say, at some time during the day the thoughts of your Mound of Hostages came to mind so that evening i post.

    (I can't post links on other threads now) and they call this place Creative Writing, you have over 17000 views here Agent Weebley so to the old schoolyard heads i ask, Creative Writing, who right who wrong.

    Thanks you for your kind words on my songs i stop writing in 2001 for what reason im not really to sure, my sister died of cancer that year and the last song i wrote then was Life Goes On but i will say your Mound of Hostages help me find some sort of reason to get me back into it and for that i sincerely Thank you.

    They say time is a great healer Agent Weebley so you take your time and i found this little gem of a video, hope you enjoy, till our next port of call My Friend, Take Care.

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    Part 2 - Chapter 1 - Mound Of Remote Controllers

    I'm so sorry to hear about your sister, dogmax. And we all help each other - you've helped me a lot too . . today (and the next 48 hours) is a case in point.

    I never mentioned it at the time, but I was only spending 2 days in Lost Wages, then catching a flight to St Pete Beach, FLA (LAS > TPA), to meet up with my older sister, RaeRae, and her hubby, ZeeMan for a 6 day stint. It was there that I first saw your most excellent post. RaeRae read your post too . . . and liked it.

    It was also very nice to see hcass thank you for your post. I wish hcass would write more, and you make more music!

    Thanks for giving me permission to not feel pressured to post immediately. I did, however spend a little more than 3 days in the hole . . . I was "way low" for over a month!

    And do I have the strangest story for you! You, dogma-x have led me to postulate the axiom of freedom . . .

    It begins, with a Flashback to St Pete Beach and Jimmy B's Beach Bar . . .

    It was a real treat to have blisteringly fast interweb on the flight from LAS to TPA. $10 . . $15 on my AMEX card . . . whatever it cost, it was worth it. The flight felt like it was only an hour long! The best part was realizing that dogmax had posted mid flight.

    I got my fill of the interweb while flying. I checked amanafrommars' site, read The Daily Bell, lots of ZeroHedge articles and comments, checked out, weather underground . . .



    As we landed in Tampa, it was piddling down. From an oasis of bad debt in the desert to an oasis of water . . . coming down in buckets. It rained from Friday afternoon when I landed, to Saturday afternoon, just as we had finished shopping for more "stuff" in a big box plaza in Ellington. So much for my shorts, teeshirt and Jesus boots. I was frozen for a day.

    RaeRae and ZeeMan picked me up at the airport on Friday 5/2/14 or (2/5/14 Euro time) at 5pm . . .

    Oh, before I get fully entrenched in my flashback, I fully intended to add to my post here last night, but happened upon an old reply from a posting of mine by DanielM_113 on The Daily Bell, so I responded. DanielM_113 and I are having a nice little chat now, it seems. We're talking about money and gold.

    Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, RaeRae and ZeeMan wanted to cheer me up by inviting me down to their condo while they were there in early May. I adjusted my schedule for Vegas down to to 2 days, and then booked a flight on Southwest Airlines for $230 (ultra cheap) making it a triangular holiday (Toronto to Vegas to Tampa, then back.)

    Saturday night was warming up a bit, so we went to Jimmy B's Beach Bar, which is only a 5 minute walk from their place, and had a whale of a time, what with their live band and cheap booze. At one point, the singer announced that B-Real, or Bee Reel, or Be Real from Cypress Hill was in the audience. I was almost impressed. I scanned the audience looking for someone with major bling hanging from their neck, as I understand that Cypress Hill is some sort of popular current band meaning it is probably rap oriented. After about 2 scans, I realized i had no idea what Bee Reel looked like, and it was pointless to continue.

    I get a tap on my shoulder, as the band is in the middle of a guitar solo during yet another excellent cover of a hit song from the 70s. I look around and a woman is talking to me, I think. Her lips were moving, but nothing was coming out. She was a typical local. Blonde, 55-60. On the 'make.' Extremely tanned to the point of ultra or perma- tanned. I attributed this anomaly to the loud music, so I leaned in.

    "Can I have a drag of your smoke?" she asked.

    Me, being taken by surprise, not thinking of the lip-to-lip issues I was potentially exposing myself to, said: "sure."

    She took a drag and gazed into my eyes, thanked me then offered me a drag on her E-smoke. Pathetic, I thought, but I said it was pretty good, waited for approximately 3 seconds, then turned around as a bridge was coming up in the guitar solo.

    I spent the remainder of my trip looking out for and avoiding the lady I now refer to as "the drag queen." RaeRae laughed a lot when I coined that term. My sister is so nice. She is extremely judgmental of me - aren't all older sisters?

    Oh my, this is not the intended direction of my flashback. Let me re-group my thoughts and get back to you tomorrow - unless DanielM_113 responds again. It takes a while to tailor an effective reply - a couple of hours in fact. It may seem like I whip 'em out in a few minutes, but what with proofing, and editing, and sometimes complete erasing of entire paragraphs, it is quite time consuming. Especially now, since my shift key is acting up, and hardly anything gets typed in capitals on the first pass. The A key seems to be stuck, too. I think I may have some crumbs under the keys. Good thing I have an SSD drive - there, I just shook the heck out of the computer and smacked it upside the head for good measure. Is that better? Yes it is!

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 158 ✭✭dogmax

    Jimmy B's Beach Bar live band and cheap booze sounds like my kind of place and B-Real with his major bling hanging from his neck haha :D ill say us three could really put on a show there sorry did i say three make that five RaeRae and ZeeMan oh and how can i leave out your best friend, "the drag queen." Blonde, 55-60.

    Great read Agent Weebley good to have you back in full flow, i take it this is Jimmy B's Beach Bar.

    You do know we'll all have to hire out some shovels and go digging for gold and when we find it we'll all have the real bling hanging from our necks :D

    Thanks for putting a smile on my face, Classic, talk soon :D

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    A warm hello again to:

    Agent Pete 8
    Agent Revolver
    Agent Heggle
    Agent Weebley
    Agent Paddy
    Agent DelKey
    Agent Cooper
    Troy Tempest
    General Briggs
    Doctor Sternum
    and lastly, Agent Joe 90 (currently in China with his wife, Shuo and their daughter, Weiji)

    I'm now back from my productive sojourn with Ted Snowdem (the CIA PsyOps guy.) I hope you don't mind me interjecting on this site, as we haven't been able to get into our own site since last September - long story.

    Agent Joe 90: Full steganographic instructions are buried in the following video inside the audio at the 350Hz and 420Hz level. It's time. Break cover and commence final approach. Gentleman and gentlewomen: start your AirCars.

    Oh, and Agent Weebley: you need to get your facts even straighter. Steve is going to invest $70,000 CDN in Heddinout Communications Ltd. - not $25,000 CDN. Bling bling, dogmax!

    As Lucy said and Das Kitty doesn't seem to see: It's Magic!

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Finally. I had better get off my Khyber Pass.

    Operation BlueBalls is swinging again!

    Here's my flight plan:

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    OMG . . . Epstein and Agent Joe 90 . . . welcome back !!!

    I was in the middle of writing about my flashback but haven't actually wrote much of it yet . . . and don't have much time to write it tonight. I just came back from being out all day and am quite tired.

    Epstein: $70k? Really? That's impressive. Do you have Steve's bank account information from NSA?

    Agent Joe 90: I'll fill the house with AirBeds! See you all tomorrow.

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    I have been trying to get back into flashback mode, but I couldn't steer my mind away from Epstein's post, where he said hello to a good many people. He included Jo, who is Steve's late wife, and omitted Qubit, who I think is an alter ego of Alan Turing. And being "back from his sojourn" means what? Back where? He's not here . . .

    So I texted him earlier today. He send me back a video link:

    The topless tough guy hand movements were a little odd, so I ran them through my new portable bomboclat machine and got a hex code that translated to 140623. Hmm, I thought to myself. Then, while checking in on amanfromMars' site, which I do daily, I realized it may mean his post from a few days ago, so I checked it out 140623.

    Bingo . . . I mean bomboclat!

    He's in Crimea!

    He never did answer my questions, though. Oh well . . . plenty of time later on.

    Tomorrow, I will continue my flashback. I'm so looking forward to it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Did I ever mention that my forays on the interweb are inversely proportional to Steve Munster's busy-ness or business level at the time? That's why I am a little late in posting here - and I have no time for flashbacks right now, as I have to hit the sack soon - I'll do it tomorrow?

    I felt so good today. Steve asked me if I'd like to follow along with him this past afternoon. He's a busy guy, and he had to go to his lawyers office to sign the minute books in a gazillion places for both his companies for the past 5 years. He can be so inclusive sometimes . . .

    "Would I !" I said.

    We jumped in his new 2014 MDX. He hooked up the Sony Vaio to the HDMI cable, then proceeded to pull up Chinese Radio off the interweb. That is one fine driving song.

    Then he pressed the hyperspace button or something, because before I knew it, he was coming in for the final approach. From Steeles Ave and Torbram Rd in Brampton to Cawthra Rd and Dundas St E in Mississauga in record time (or is it in "MP3 time" these days. I'll have to check that out with some youngsters.)

    We got out of the car, but he paused.

    "Keep your gob shut in there. Only I will speak to him."

    A little confused with the uncharacteristic abruptness of his tone, I nodded a lot and followed him like a sad puppy with my tail between my legs, doing that little squatting/walking maneuvre that only dogs can do so subserviently well.

    "What the F, Weebley. Walk properly!"

    He opened the lobby door, and I nipped in behind him before it closed.

    Sitting in the office, which was a nice and minimalistic, rather than the dark oak and leather touch surfaces, along with smatterings of those busts of famous people all over the place, we waited.

    They got the pleasantries over pretty quickly then surprised me: "Before we get into these minute books, have a few questions, Ken. I have this dormant company called Heddinout Communications Ltd. that I incorporated back in October, 2010. I want get my accountant to do the 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 year-ends, then activate it. I want to sell shares in it, as well as sell plastic coin sets - somewhat like people collecting Pogs or Pokemon cards. The shares would be coins too."

    Ken winced. "Would you be asking for people to buy shares? he said.

    Steve, nodded and smiled.

    "The SEC would be all over you on that, as you would need to file a prospectus with them. You can't advertise share sales publicly without being very careful what you say."

    I looked back and forth at Steve and Ken during the ensuing seemingly long silence.

    Suddenly, I don't know what happened, but both Steve and Ken began to speak rapid fire about taxes, shares, staying as a private corporation and not publicly asking for any share sales. They talked about these limited edition lenticular plastic difficult to reverse engineer coins being like BitCoin, but not able to be co-opted by "the man" like BitCoin has been. A lot of hissing about taxes being evil was bandied around. It was like a Vulcan mind-meld, without hands stuck to faces.

    All in all, Ken liked Steve's background reference to Alan Turing and Turing's comment that he liked the book: 'Erewhon" by Samuel Butler, and Butler's explanation of Musical Banks and the 2 money supplies: they used the official "bank" money here and there to keep "the man" happy, but conducted most trade using the "other" money.

    "Keep it privately owned. And the company must have a reasonable expectation of revenue to deduct expenses," Ken explained,as he patted Steve on the head and kicked us out with the minute books in hand to sign later, as it is time consuming.

    Steve and Ken were far more eloquent in person than any skill I would profess to have in re-telling it to you now. Suffice to say, Steve has to pay the tax-man on anything that is sold in Canada, but like all internet sales outside the country of origin . . . no sales tax is due.

    Then we chatted as we drove home . . .

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    The heat. OMG, the 80% humidity in Toronto this past weekend coupled with that 80 + degree heat meant only one thing . . . .

    Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

    As I slurped away, I giggled to myself about the time I went into Happy Days Ice Cream in mid to late May when it was warm enough outside to get my flavourite ice cream. I mentioned to the owner, while licking the 2 scoop cone he had just sold me: "I thought this place had jumped the shark."

    He looked mystified.

    "Happy Days? Fonzie jumped the shark? Get it?"

    Nope he had no clue. On the wall was a shrine to Happy Days, with Fonzie in the middle, but not on their website for copyright reasons, I would assume.

    "Didn't this place go under . . . but I guess you bought it and started it back up?" He nodded in the affirmative. I had to explain what jump the shark meant. He was completely nonplussed about my explanation - probably wondering if I was going to notice that the mint chocolate chip ice cream was from last year (just kidding.)

    Anyway, jumping the shark was on my mind from a while back in St Pete Beach, but I will get into that later.

    This past weekend, I was on a site called The Daily Bell, reading and talking to amanfromMars, Agent Revolver and Martin The American. Strange things were happening. I was losing posts to the ether, the interweb was going down (for me.) It was a struggle to post. We were talking to Robert Steele from the CIA. Robert doesn't seem to want to speak to me anymore. My last post was earlier tonight to Martin The American. I was explaining how I was going to do a recap right here, right now. This is what I wrote to him:

    Hi Martin The American,

    I was all set to re-write my earlier comment, but there's no way I can duplicate that particular stream of consciousness. Oh, it just came back to me in a different way! Here goes:

    Obviously, I cannot speak for all Canadians, but everyone I know likes the people and places south of the border. I actually went to Lost Wages, NV, for 2 days, then onto St Pete Beach FL for 6 days in early May, 2014. Jimmy B's Beach Bar, 5/3/14, B-Real from Cypress Hill was in the audience - 70s rockin' hits from a cover band all night long . . . ahhh the memories . . . If it wasn't for me being here on The Daily Bell since last weekend, trying to talk more with Robert Steele, I would have written my flashback already. I'm helping to write a Twilight Zone type of story called Mound Of Hostages.

    It's not about hostages, though - it's about freedom.

    This would be a good time to tune in to the story, as I'm about to do a flashback to St Pete Beach and recap of the story so far - it now involves Robert Steele (and a pitcher of Margarita at Don CeSar's Hotel.) Recaps are good, since it allows things that might not have "sunk in" to actually be "sunk in" good and proper.

    Anyway, if you want to go insane in the membrane, here's the story from the beginning. You can flip to the last post quite easily:

    By the way, the story is on the cusp of becoming number 7 in their Creating Writing hit parade . . . I love the number 7.

    Anyway, here comes the "sunk in." Everybody's laughing . . . everybody's happy.

    PS: Robert Steele - I challenge you to a race on Abbey Road in London. Your MGB against my One-77. Let it be "the decider."

    I have to go to bed now, so without further ado, here comes the sunk in:

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  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    OMFNG! I just noticed an error in my last post! And the 48 hour editing window has passed, like ages ago, man! I wrote: "number 7 in their Creating Writing hit parade."

    [blushing profusely]

    I really can't stand it when that happens . . . it should've been "Creating Writive."

    Now I have that off my chest . . .

    I was all set to get into the beginning of my flashback, but something strange has happened that is now getting in the way. Why are things getting in the way? I want to say that dogmax got me rockin' and rollin' to begin part 2, and I really need to do a recap as to why this story is the Twilight Zone, and why The Mound Of Hostages is really about freedom, but I have to get something else off my chest.

    It began a week ago (Sunday, June 29) when that Robert Steel guy was interviewed. Saturday was day 1 of my 4 day holiday, culminating in Tuesday, July 1, Canada Day - the biggest celebration of the year for Canadians. Most people get pretty fit-shaced. There's a big to-do at Albion Hills Conservation Area close by my place. Fireworks. Music. Food. Tents. Probably lots of E & M for the teenagers.

    But I stayed home that day. I was cleaning out the storage room of extraneous stuff, so we could move house, and I was on a roll - getting right into it. (Steve hasn't sold the house yet, and had since shelved the idea.) Between cleaning out stuff and checking out my post waiting for a response that never came from Robert Steele, I never did make it to Albion Hills for the big party.

    Inside the storage room, amongst al the items I cleared out, was 6 pairs of wellies, and a hammock. Both these items brought back memories. Lucy and I bought those wellies for a trip to see friends and their 4 adopted kids in supposedly muddy Sudbury, Ontario, with our 4 adopted kids. When we got there, it was below friggin' freezing all weekend, and all we had for footwear was these stupid wellies. And that hammock . . . never really used it. My Mum got it for me in Myrtle Beach as a prezzie when I was 18, like decades ago. I've never been able to string it between 2 poles 12 feet apart because I've never had 2 poles 12 feet apart anywhere I've ever lived since I was 18.

    Wellies in the charity bin.

    Hammock still down there.

    I sat down and read my post to Robert Steele again. I used George Orwell as a springboard to my post.

    The magic began 2 days later . . .


    The Pooka: did you read my post on The Daily Bell?

    Das Kitty: no question

    hcass: no question

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Once in a while, Take 1 turns into Take 2, but never Take 79 - I like that raw unedited feel. That campy, warm feeling while having a nicely flowing conversation with a good buddy - never running out of things to say - never making an obtuse topic switch, because the convo is meandering from one topic to another with smooth segues.

    Last weekend, I received an unusually direct message from amanfromMars, while I was in the middle of Take . . . Time Off. I was watching Steve chainsawing some overgrown bushes around the house. It was a warm sunny day, and Steve was sweating buckets, and covered in sawdust. It was looking like a once bearded yard had had a good shave. The "For Sale" came down too, but not with the chainsaw.

    I was sipping Guinnii, while wearing my now most favourite T-shirt that Rae Rae got me from St Pete Beach, feeling like Spike Milligan in Puckoon, watching his Mum carting coal in from the comfort of looking out the window . . .

    Oh, the T-shirt says: "in doggie beers I've only had one."

    amanformMars tried to post here, but had a glitch, so he posted it on his own site:

    Howdy, AW, Long time no chatter with you. I trust all is indecently well with you and yours.

    The world is awash and drowns in apathy born and borne both in arrogance and ignorance…… although IntelAIgent Supply Providers are doing more than just a few bits and bytes to remedy that abortion and grand omission of and for passion.

    And such is a field of rich pickings for APT ACTion and Zeroday Vulnerability Exploitation …… aka CyberIntelAIgent AIdDevelopment with CHAOS Programming ProgramMING ……. Clouds Hosting Advanced Operating Systems for Mind and Mined Infiltration Network Games?

    How’s business? Giving you enough free quality time to Plug into Play and Plunder Perverse Systems and Corrupt Executive Administrations for a New Orderly World Order System ReBoot?

    After chuckling for a while, watching Steve doing his Ontario Chainsaw Massacre a little more, I figured that I would give Steve just a few more days to get things in order before answering amanfromMars' questions.

    I went with Steve down to see the lawyer, Ken, last week. He had signed all the minute books from his 2 companies, then proceeded to hand Ken the almost empty minute book for Heddinout Communications Ltd. Not a lot was said - nothing much needed to be said.

    They were both on the same page.

    "My accountant is going to do a dormant company tax filing from December 31, 2010 to July 31, 2011 . . . then 2012, 2013, and 2014 year ends for this company after July 31, 2014. You can bill me for the minute book updates after August 1, when the company fires up," Steve said. "I'll be opening up a bank account after the Aug 1 bank holiday."

    While Steve works Heddinout into his daily routine, I'll take a bit of time here and there to explain magic to a nice BEAT.

    amanfromMars: you're a good egg, man.

    Oh, I almost forgot. SEC. This is a message to clear up any misunderstanding about a share offering. There will be no share offering, and in case this is still not clear:

    This announcement contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Actual results may differ significantly from management’s expectations. These forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties that include, among others, risks related to potential future losses, significant amount of indebtedness, competition, commercial agreements and strategic alliances, seasonality, potential fluctuations in operating results and rate of growth, foreign exchange rates, management of potential growth, system interruption, international expansion, consumer trends, inventory, fulfillment center optimization, limited operating history, government regulation and taxation, fraud, and new business areas.

    Oh, and Steve was just warming up last weekend. Next . .. the forest.

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    I can now divulge the location of the 4 AirCars, since they have all safely arrived at their destinations:

    Dundrum - Agent Joe 90 is the commander.
    Dundrum - Agent Heggle is the commander.
    Dundrum - Agent Cooper is the commander.

    Their 3 green laser beams are focused on another AirCar holding Epstein high above Tara. Can you see them? Epsteins beam is focued on Tara.

    I will be referring to them as the AbFab4 . . . you can, too!

    It is time for me to proo' su' in' . . . magic? . . . and also moo' su' in . . .my big arse?

    I must apologize. I've been knee deep in numbers since Thursday with Steve, but I was able to squeeze in the odd blog post here and there . . .

    This is what I feel like right now:

    The next phase, artwork, is coming quickly. We need to ask something of some people here.

    We need 7 images. amanfromMars, Agent Revolver, Agent Pete 8 and I have an image we can use already, unless someone tells me differently ASAP, but we need a favourite image from dogmax, hcass and Danpad.

    I assume and hope that dogmax, hcass and Danpad reside in Ireland, as the goal is for your images to become ubiquitous throughout Ireland, and for your paid help to make this project a success . . . choose your image wisely. Your chosen images will be re-worked by my art guy, Grum.

    EDIT @ 7pm: I also assume that dogmax, and / or hcass and / or danpad want to be involved. My Dad used to say: "stick around me and you'll be wearing handcuffs."

    Anyway . . . I'm a bit busy, so I have to gogo . . .

    Note to Mods: pickarooney and BEAT. Please do not ban me. I will be calling to make ARG MetaPhoria a Verified Account Rep on Aug 1, 2014. Heddinout Communications Ltd. is a dormant Canadian Corporation until that date.

    EDIT @ 7pm: I have just sent a form to someone at Now We're Listenin' to begin the process of paying a fee to continue posting.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 158 ✭✭dogmax

    Favourite image, that's a very interesting request Agent Weebley i suppose my favourite image would be working on a song with just guitar vocals and lyrics communication with each other in a language that starts of on a journey to a place that we'll know when we get there, for example.

    My thoughts don't stay in one place for to long because there is always something new to think to write to see, like for the pass few weeks I've been working on new lyrics that a friend sent me he writes great lyrics as always but this time i felt the story in his lyrics needed to go somewhere that i wanted his lyrics to take me (hence the reason for the few weeks) so after thinking for to long and as times not thinking at all i added some verses to his lyrics and took them to a lower level story wise but is the song finish, well now he will listen to it a few times and get back to me and then, well I'm not thinking about then, what, if, maybe, but either way the song will be finish, so i suppose that would be my favourite image, a journey to a place that we'll know when we get there.

    But then again maybe i should think some more about this ;) in the mean time what's all this about Dundrum and the green laser beams focus on Tara, oh and by the way, Hi Guys :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Great to hear from you, dogmax. I'm a bit busy right now - so I'll read your post properly, later tonight.

    Hot off the presses - I'm flying in for the convention!

    Which convention? Shamrokon.


    Hi dogmax,

    There's a lot going on in the background. I'm now a paid subscriber, signed up for Shamrokon and sent a "hey I'm coming" message to Janet tonight. We're also talking to boards advertising. Great news on the new song(s) dogmax I can't wait to hear more.

    Words about images are just fine. My creative guy, Grum, can work with that. The image will be on 3D Flip Lenticular plastic (2-sided.) 3D background, and maybe 5 images, like a short video feel to it. I'll let you know more by the weekend.

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    It seems that Shomrokon: Janet is ignoring my advances. Like a flat tire, I'm looking at my post and scratching my head. What to do, what to do?

    Should I post this little note to her?

    Janet: I've got something to say:

    I'm flying halfway 'round the planet . . . Janet
    Would you rather that maybe I swam it . . . Janet
    It seems like you want me to can it . . . Janet
    I've one thing to say and that's dammit, Janet, can I ********* with you.

    What? No, no, its not what you think. The word that seems a little asterisqué is actually related to Steve talking to someone at Boards in the advertising department. I want to do the same with Janet, dammit!

    We could have a Science Fiction double feature!

    I think I'll leave it alone - she doesn't know me well enough yet.


  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Hi. Epstein here.

    Agent Weebley apologises for not being here right now. He really wants to do that "hcass" flashback and story re-cap, but since so many things have happened recently, he can't add posting here to his "To Do list" right now. He did make a brief announcement last weekend, and is still wondering how Agent Paddy knew about the series of Celtic flavoured photography that is going to be done by his cousin in Belfast.

    Although Agent Weebley can't be here, he asked me to post in his stead. And he did give me a few messages to pass on to you all.

    Did you know he's in love with a strong Celtic Woman? Muirgheal is her name. It means: Sea-Bright or Bright As The Sea.

    He's coming back via Dublin with Steve again next Thursday morning - for almost 2 weeks this time, but this time it's a business trip. Hopefully, he can spare some time away from Muirgheal to meet up with us this time! I know he wants to see amanfromMars again to talk about making YouTube videos.

    I'm sitting here in my AirCar high above Tara. I just came back through the 3-green-laser-beam wormhole from Dundrum, County Down, where Agent Dale Cooper is piloting 1 of the 3 Dundrum AirCars.

    Yesterday, I had an urge to visit him. I needed to know something. He also fell in love while on a job in the past. I wanted to know his feelings on whether Agent Weebley could still be effective at his job while in this state of bliss.

    I appeared through the wormhole by stepping in though the side wall on Agent Cooper's AirCar fuselage. I noticed he had done some renovations to make the place more homey. The entire inside was a log cabin, complete with 70s shag rugs and quirky wooden furniture and patterned curtains that matched the lamp shades.

    I happened to notice a photo of David Lynch on the wall. His peaceful smile captivated me. His eyes were lightly closed, like he was meditating. And smiling. I gazed at it for a few minutes, but it felt like hours. It was only a head and shoulders shot, so I wondered whether he may have been in the Lotus Europa position, since it looked like he was sitting behind the wheel.

    I couldn't see anyone from my mid-ship position. It was so quiet in there, I could've heard a pin drop. My shoes were still wet from taking a short walk around Tara on the wet grass a few moments prior to appearing In Agent Cooper's AirCar, so the squeak of my wet shoes on the clean hardwood floor meant I was announcing myself as I went towards the helm.

    Agent Cooper was sitting in the Captain's Chair, cradling a log in his hands, staring out at The Mourne Mountains. The blackness of the mountains, with wisps of cloud hanging onto the peaks looked fantastic. They swept down to the sea like they were delivering something into the water.

    "Hello, Epstein," he said: his eyes unmoving from the view.

    "Hi Coop," I said. "The clouds are clearing. Aren't they beautiful mountains."

    Agent Cooper pointed with his left index finger at a point at the peaks.

    "Look," he said,"see those 2 peaks?"

    "A mightily beautiful sight. Speaking of beautiful sites, can you move the AirCar from Moneylane and Dromara Rd to 61 Main St, Dundrum, please?" I said. "Next to the water."

    He carefully placed the log on the coffee table beside him, then sat back, closed his eyes for a moment, placed both hands on the armrests, and smiled. On opening his eyes, slowly, the AirCar motioned over the short distance, and took position directly in front of, and facing Gilroy's Bar and Restaurant. Behind it, Dundrum Castle high on the small hill, and behind us, the water.

    "Why?" Agent Cooper asked.

    "This is now our Ireland Beachhead, Agent Cooper."

    General Briggs came over, I assume, when he noticed the AirCar moving. After our hellos, we had a little briefing about Agent Weebley and Muirgheal.

    "That's 5 star Good news," General Briggs said.

    "What are your thoughts on Agent Weebley and Muirgheal, Coop?" I said.

    Coop sat there for a moment.

    "Carl Sagan said it twice starting at 1:40 on the video that Agent Weebley posted last weekend. Every connected mind in Dundrum is talking about them, and every connected mind stretching all the way to Belfast, Toronto, and all over the world are also talking about them, Epstein. Haven't you heard?"

    We played the video again. I paid close attention at 1:40, while Coop looked on, grinning from ear to ear.

    My jaw dropped.

    "CuppaJo?" he asked.

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    Diane: it's 3:42pm, November 11, 2014. I'm here in Dundrum, Northern Ireland, still hovering over the brick wall facing Gilroy's. It's name has changed from Tonn Ruray to Gilroy's Pub, so you may not know exactly where I am on the antiquated FBI locating system. Rain, rain and more rain right now. It was raining sideways last night! I can't even see Dundrum Castle and the Mourne Mountains right now. I had a log fire going in the AirCar last night, which made it quite comfy cosy.

    A strange thing just happened, Diane. I need your help. Agent Weebley just posted a message that Epstein has just confirmed contains steganographic content: a song. We are trying to decipher what it means, but one thing is for sure: he knows scenes from an upcoming film called Good Boy, written by Michael J Daly and directed by Conan McIvor were filmed here in Dundrum this past weekend, and Gilroy's Pub was the centre of the action.

    Here is the song. See if you can get it reverse engineered:

    I was in Gilroy's Pub on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The writer, director and crew were there every night. They don't have any Joe right now. The craic, as they call it, was great though. I had many pints of Guinness, which is the next best thing to a cup of deep black Joe.

    Oh, can you find out Agent Weebley's whereabouts, please, Diane? He seems to be laying low. I know he has an iPhone6, so contact the NSA. They have everything at their fingertips.

    Everyone is planning on being here within the next 24 hours to put our heads together on what's happening right now. I can feel it, Diane. Big Things are going to happen very soon.

    Oh, I've just noticed that Agent Weebley posted in The Arena. What a strange post!

  • Registered Users Posts: 447 ✭✭Agent Weebley

    I'm not sure if I did the right thing. Maybe I was trying to prove Steve actually exists.

    Is Steve a dream . . a fig leaf of my imagination? Not sure . . .

    There. I've just done it. I got Steve to wipe everything. He wiped the past clean away and started afresh. A new look on both websites.

    I proved he exists . . . by remote control.

    I'm in Toronto right now. Today is the longest day of the year. It's 11:30pm here. The Sun has set . . . dark now. I'm readying myself to step into the 3 green laser beam and wormhole myself over to see Muirgheal in Northern Ireland.

    I haven't seen her in a week and a bit. I miss her so much. We're in love. But my roots in Toronto are deep, and I have to return here all the time to chop them away one by one. One day we'll marry . . . together forever already though . . . just a piece of paper to seal it up. And the 2 rings. We must have a most memorable pair of rings. Her maiden name. My name. And the O'Neill name. It'll be a big one if it's going to have 3 crests on each one.

    There are big things happening in Mourne and I need to go back there.

    Think Peace, Agent Weebley. Peace. Don't think about the problems that lie in wait after I see Muirgheal. I will need to prepare for battle soon after my arrival. Epstein and Agent Heggle need to know the new battle plan, so they can rally the forces of good to help me. I haven't spoken to them in so long. I've been slipping in and out of County Down without announcing my presence . . . only going there to see Muirgheal.

    Muirgheal. A lovely woman. We stayed at The Royal Marine a couple of times. The Fitzpatrick Castle one time. Dublin. Love the place. She was bluy before she met me, and so was I.


    I love her Northern Irish accent. I gave her a dozen roses one time. They were dyed bluy. That put a smile on her face.


    She's the last effing good thing about Dublin. I couldn't go back there without her.

    So here I go. The 3 green luminescent beams spinning away like 3 strands of superhuman DNA. In a few seconds I'll be at her doorstep giving her a big hug once again. She makes me happy.

    Stepping in. Peace out.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 114 ✭✭mid fifties

    Hey Agent Weebley

    The daily routine is still the same but the adventure in the mind still sees a way that there is a better ways ahead, even though there are battles but how else can one and many make plans of old, the old saying use to be go with the flow but that was before, well lets put it another way the written words is searching for a conversation

    From a old friend