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Two phobias that might be weird

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    One is talking to someone I don't know on the phone, i'm quite shy anyway but talking to a stranger on the phone is excruciating for me and it takes me ages to work up the courage whenever I need to and I often don't do it. The other one is sleeping on a fold out bed I can never do that i'm too afraid i'll be sleeping on my stomach and it will snap up on me. Anyone else have either of these?


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    Just as no one has responded, I don't have those issues myself, but the being shy on the phone with a stranger might be slightly like the social phobias mentioned in the forum.
    I guess it's probably more apprehension at speaking to someone you don't know / don't know what to expect or what they're like or how they'll react.

    Sometimes in work (I'm on reception & customer service) when I'm ringing people I can get nervous for no reason. I guess it's just that unexpected nature of what will be at the other end of the phone. (this may be entirely different to what you experience).

    Never had an issue with fold up beds either, but I can see how you would, they're not always very stable seeming.

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    Is it too late to respond to a dead thread?

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    General rule of thumb on Boards is not to dig up old threads. If the person still had an active account though, I'd say fire away, but as it's closed, I'll close this too.

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