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Call for makers who want to use digital fabrication

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    Hi all,

    We’re testing the idea of helping people to make things on the equipment in various institutions and organisations.

    We’re running a short tester with NCAD on three of their machines; a CNC mill, a laser cutter and a 3D printer (dental plaster type). We’re looking for five users who would like to make something with these machines. We’d like the users to have varying levels of skill and ambition. The project will happen over two weeks, most likely in mid-January.

    We need:

    Five makers - craftspeople, artists, entrepreneurs, hobbyists, techy types, DIY afficionados... Anyone who has an idea they’d like to see fabricated on one of the aforementioned machines.

    CAD technicians - if you have expertise with vector-based (Inkscape, Illustrator, etc.) or 3D modelling programs (Solidworks, Rhino, 3DSMax, etc.) and would like to help someone make their project a reality, it would be wonderful if you could offer a few hours of your time in mid-January. The design phase of the tester will happen over the course of one week.

    If you are interested in being involved, drop an email to [email protected] or reply here detailing:

    -What you’d like to make (list materials, size, gist of the idea, which machine(s) you think you need, etc.)

    -Whether or not you’ll need assistance in drawing up the file for fabrication. If you will need help, then you’ll need to draw up sketches ahead of time to assist the technicians.


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