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The DRP & admin bannings

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    Would like to give some brief Feedback on this ..

    I was recently permbanned from a forum by a member of admin, via PM. I feel the permaban was unjust and unwarranted. Certain reasons given for the ban were for things which I feel users should be able to do on Boards freely, without fear of it ever getting thrown back in their face, such as: disputing a moderation decision in the Help Desk, giving Feedback etc. There were other accusations also made in the PM which were quite frankly, absurd, as I have never been so much as infracted on this particular forum and have only ever given Feedback in relation to it on one single thread in five years.

    So, as a result, I would like to dispute the permaban, but as this member of admin does not moderate the forum themselves, I unable to do so. Bannings by members of admin are currently exempt from the DR process it would seem and that I feel should not be. No matter who bans a user, they should always have the ability to dispute it, even if it means stepping it back to CMod level.


  • i too would be interested in the response to this.:confused:

    *awaits swift locking*

  • In case you missed or have forgotten the below:
    Dav wrote: »
    You know what, I'm really sick of seeing the same few people starting and contributing to these threads saying the Ladies Lounge is this and that and how terrible a state of affairs that is. I say this to all the people who involve themselves in these threads and am not directly addressing you keanooo.

    1) The regulars in the Ladies Lounge do not agree with you.

    2) The Mods of the Ladies Lounge do not agree with you.

    3) The CMods of Soc do not agree with you.

    4) The Admins do not agree with you.

    5) Finally, I, the Community Manager of this site and the one person who is actually paid to care about and look after these things do not agree with you. At all.

    I want an end to these threads. There is nothing wrong with the Ladies Lounge for 99% of the people who post there. I find it incredulous that this nonsense keeps cropping up and I will simply permanently ban you from the forum if you continue this relentless "crusade" you seem to be on to bend it to your wishes. It is not your forum for you to change. The majority rules in these matters and the majority do not agree with you. If you cannot let this go and see past your own opinions that there is nothing wrong with the forum except maybe the constant bashing of it here in Feedback by a minority of people who think it should be something that it isn't, then I will be left with no choice but to take away your ability to read it.

    This is the end of this.

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