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Comedy Podcasts

  • 20-11-2009 12:59pm
    Registered Users Posts: 196 ✭✭ SlimJ

    Yo, you should be listening to Marc Maron's WTF podcasts. I'm not the biggest Marc Maron fan, but I've listened to his Doug Stanhope and Todd Barry podcasts. Todd Barry spends like ten minutes talking about his negative experiences in Edinburgh and then mentions that Dublin's Carlesburg Comedy festival was great :D

    Comedians talking about comedy. Good times.



  • SlimJ wrote: »
    Yo, you should be listening to Marc Maron's WTF podcasts. I'm not the biggest Marc Maron fan, but I've listened to his Doug Stanhope and Todd Barry podcasts. Todd Barry spends like ten minutes talking about his negative experiences in Edinburgh and then mentions that Dublin's Carlesburg Comedy festival was great :D

    Comedians talking about comedy. Good times.

    yeah i listened to his one with stanhope and janene garofalo! was class.....great to just hear comedians chatting about comedy!

  • I've got recordings of an old radio show he did but he just comes across as annoying as he was quite dismissive of the guests...

    Will have to get a couple of these, Jen Kirkman's album was really great.

    As always, I really recommend Doug Benson's I Love Movies podcast. I've got some of the XM Unmasked interviews that are well worth the listen.

    Also, Maria Bamford uploaded a Christmas Special for free to her website at:

    Haven't watched but will take a look tomorrow!

  • Greg Fitzsimmons is a good Boston comic who is also podcasting now.

    Check the archives, he's got an interview with Mel Brooks!

  • Jon Fisch is a New York based comedian who has a weekly podcast called "In the tank" it's worth a listen, it's up on his facebook or at

  • ... I'm also going to have to qualify my endorsement of Marc Maron's podcasts, after listening to almost all of them. The bits where he talks comedy with his guests are good and well worth a listen, but there's almost always 30-40 minutes of him ranting at the front of it. I've been just skipping these opening monologues.

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  • He's not my cup of tea, he put up a 50 minute set that I watched and I just didn't click with what he's doing. He's pretty quiet in the new I Love Movies (the other guest is Andy Kindler who is great) which suited me fine. He's the guest on the latest Never Not Funny so I'll give that a go.

    My sister put me on to Comedy and Everything Else and it's just fantastic. If you're as much a comedy nerd as I am it's well worth listening to, talking about gigs and theory, the guests are quality on it as well.

    Todd Glass left as one of the hosts last month (I'm still making my way through them so haven't found out why yet). Paul F. Tompkins is a frequent guest so I'd recommend those episodes first. He's just dreamy. His new album Freak Wharf is really worth listening to, although his first one Impersonal is up there with any comedy album I could care to name.

  • Would have to recommend Frank Skinner's podcast from his Absolute Radio show. Some people (not me) don't like him cos he can be pretty filthy, but this show has him being just plain funny. His 'crew' can On occasion come across as abut cliquey, but on the whole, it's a great listen. Makes my commute fly by, and usually has several laugh out loud bits per podcast.

  • If you're looking for something good, check out Keith and the Girl. They're based in New York City and do a free podcast 4-5 times a week. They're up to episode 1100, but they've thrown together a series of 'Best Of's to catch up on it. Worth the listen.

  • This post has been deleted.

  • Collings & Herrin podcast (Richard Herring and Andrew Collins). Very very funny.

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  • Adam Carolla and Patton Oswalt.

    Patton talks about an interesting pre-writing ritual of his, involving watching old American Football videos.

  • +1 for the Frank Skinner show, takes awhile to get into it but it really is good regardless of the guest

    My own personal choices are for the Jonathan Ross podcast BBC Radio 2, Friday Night Comedy BBC Radio 4 and also Chris Moyles BBC Radio 1 all very enjoyable.

    in my opinion the all time classic comedy podcasts were the BBC Russell Brand Radio Shows, many hours of comedy gold, of course now sadly no longer available as a podcast however they are archived on this site:

  • Check out Jon Richardson's podcast of his 6Music show, always good for a giggle or ten.

  • Most of the best comedy podcasts have been mentioned already. Here's a few more that are quite good:

    The Sound of Young America -- Interviews with Americana and European comedians. Recent episodes include interviews with Maria Bamford, Aziz Anzari, Armando Iannucci and more

    And I can't get a direct link to this one, but it can be found in iTunes:

    Comedy Death Ray w/ Scott Aukerman (regular guests include Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk)

  • The Comedy Death Ray episode that was recorded live in Canada is hilarious. Todd Barry does a gig to a crowd of comedians who have all heard his material before (so mostly silence) and Paul F Tompkins pretends to be Ice-T for the entire episode, it's grrreat.

    PFT has a podcast coming out as well soon. (!!!!)(Someone organise him to play Carlsberg)(Make a Facebook page or something)(Oh I should? Alright).

    The Never Not Funny episode with Conan O'Brien (from a few weeks ago so pre-scandal) is awesome as well.

    Man, I am full of love today.

  • Damon, As a fellow Paul F Tompkins fan, I presume you have seen the wonderful sketch comedy show Mr Show with Bob and David which featured PFT in loads of roles? If you havent, you are seriously missing out.

  • I have indeed! I haven't listened to the commentaries yet OR read the book but I intend to soon. It's one some list of lists I made a while back.

    PFT is also the announcer for Tenacious D when they took the stage in Mr Show/their show. That came out TEN YEARS AGO. I am so old.

    I was chatting to Todd Barry when he first came over and he went "Oh, you're a comedy nerd" and I had to hang my head and mumble a yes.

    Shameful. No new David Cross albums but if you get the audiobook of "I Drink For A Reason" it's almost the same. But not quite, no.

    Aziz Ansari's new special is claaaaass.

  • Comedy nerds of the world unite!

    I just picked up the David Cross book. Not as sharp and biting as his usual stand up, but definitely very funny.

    Haven't checked out Aziz Ansari's special yet.

    Massive Todd Barry fan too. Was lucky enough to catch him perform with Yo La Tengo at their annual Hanukkah gigs a few years ago.

    If you haven't yet listened to them I also recommend both of Eugene Mirman's albums.

    Anything by Louis CK. Even his ill fated sitcom on HBO Lucky Louie is pretty funny.

    And I personally quite like Mike Birbiglia's more recent stand up stuff (which is a bit more monologue/theatrical).

    As for podcasts, The Moth is a good one. They tell stories live without notes, and quite often they are funny and/or performed by stand up comedians and actors.

    This American Life also features contributions from humour writers like David Sedaris, Jonathan Ames and Jon Ronson. Probably my favourite podcast out there. A weekly themed episode featuring real life stories of the odd and unusual world we live in.

    Any other recommendations?

  • Who doesn't want to listen to Greg Fitzsimons and Dave Attell? Nobody, that's who.

    edit: HOLY CRAP I was wrong. Fitzsimmons starts talking politics and history on this one and he's batsh1t insane. He thinks the government introduced crack to the ghetto and then systematically cut inner-city education funding to disenfranchise black people.

  • Some Irish ones is good if a bit smug at times.
    Mad funny but also really angry. Oh and I find you have to listen to it a couple of times to get all the pop culture references and that. More pleasant than funny, hipsterness gets annoying sometimes and half of it is just music.

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  • The Best Show on WFMU!

    Best sampled here: Best Show Gems
    Scharpling and Wurster are my favourite double act of recent times, though completely different to any double act I know. They are barely ever in the same room as each other. (Wurster calls in to Scharpling's radio show every week as an ever-increasing cast of characters.) Sublime.

  • I wrote a long email reply to this but then China attacked boards so it never got posted, only getting around to writing it now.

    Jim - You keep retracting your recommendations, I have stopped trusting you. I listened to that episode though, I was more put off by his rambling "I hate the English (and by proxy the Scottish)" speeches. Interesting that Dave Attel has stopped drinking, I got the Insomniac DVDs over Christmas and they are so good, I would love to get a copy of Sloshed in Translation.

    Also, Marc Maron's episode of Never Not Funny is really good (and free on iTunes). Also, the Conan O'Brien episode is funny but you'll have to pay to get the whole episode.

    kalleballe - I think you'll find that Eugene Mirman has three albums out! (I am a nerd with nothing else to do). It's mostly material he performed while doing the Carlsberg festival last year.

    I just got the Best Show Gems so will be listening to them this week!

    The XFM Unmasked podcasts are great if you can find copies of them (especially the Jeff Garlin one and the Kids in the Hall one)(new KITH show is quite good, Dave Foley is especially good at being a fat, middle-aged woman).

    The Hammer Museum Talk between Jeff Garlin and Patton Oswalt is worth listening to. You can get it in other podcast directories if you want a permanent copy.

    Is Mike Birbiglia's Sleepwalk With Me on dvd yet? I would like a copy.

    Paul F Tompkins and Chris Hardwick both have podcasts coming out, which is exciting if you're me and sometimes just lie in bed, staring at the ceiling, wondering what the point of it all is.


    The only Irish comedian I know who does podcasts is Colin Chadwick of his Dublin City 103.2 FM show Laughter Tracks. I think Comedy Ireland stream it from their website as well. You can also get it on iTunes.

    I was on it last week and had fun. I have a ridiculous accent.

    I apologise.

  • Jim - You keep retracting your recommendations, I have stopped trusting you.

    (angry Harrison Ford face) How dare you, sir.

    I was on it last week and had fun. I have a ridiculous accent.

    No you don't. You have an American accent. Nothing ridiculous about that at all.


  • Just listened to Greg Fitzsimmons and Joe Rogan. If you can get through the conspiracy theory up front ("I don't believe that we never landed on the moon, but I believe that nobody's ever convinced me we've landed on the moon") there's good New Comic Advice after that.

  • I'm a comedy podcast addict and the only one listed that i listen to is Collings and Herrin! must remedy that. Anyway, my list of besties

    Adam and Joe - highlights of their radio show on bbc6 music which is sadly on hiatus while Joe becomes a famous director, but they'll be back! Subscribe in anticipation :)

    The Bugle - the first/only audio newspaper by Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver. Recounts all the biggest, weirdest and Hugo Chavez related news of the week. Very funny and almost informative

    Answer Me This - People email in questions and Helen and Olly (and Martin) answer them. Very clever and funny. Insane that they haven't got a radio show.

    Phill and Phil's Perfect Ten - Updates very infrequently but is very funny and shockingly obscene. The Phil's are Phill Jupitus and Phil Wilding

    The Word - not officially a comedy podcast i think but often very funny - veteran music journalists and guests chat about gigs and 'hoary old rock anecdotes'.

    Think thats it, and i've just realised where all my time goes!

  • This is three DC comics talkin' sh!t. It's good stuff.

  • Wha.. nobody has mentioned the fantastic Red Bar Radio and Nobody Likes Onions (to a lesser extent) yet!

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  • Would have to recommend downloading the Opie and Anthony show from today if You get a chance,was listening earlier,Jim Jeffries and Andrew Maxwell were the guests,both still up from the night before after snorting crushed up ecstacy,which Andrew didn't seem to happy about having announced on the radio :)

    Maxwell made a complete tit out of himself for the most part,Jeffries was f*cking hysterical

    As far as good comedy podcasts go,the Xm unmasked interviews are pretty much the best You'll find...Patrice O'neal,Jay Mohr,Carlin,Paul Mooney and Louis C.k's are fantastic

    Just right click,and save as or stream them directly from the site below