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On-line Survey on Cycling and Walking in Galway

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    The Galway City Community Forum has launched an on-line Survey on Cycling and Walking in Galway.

    It is intended to complement, and expand on, another Walking and Cycling survey recently circulated by Galway City Council. The Galway City Community Forum’s transport group have produced this complementary survey to explore specific local issues surrounding pedestrian and cyclist access to the city.

    We need to ensure that the survey is completed by a substantial number of local residents to ensure its authenticity before we submit and publicise the results. The results could considerably assist our work to achieve proper cyclist/pedestrian infrastructure, especially if government funds are secured under the Smarter Travel initiative.

    We would be very grateful if you could set aside a few minutes to complete it and pass it on to friends and colleagues.

    If you use a single user pc then use this link

    If you use a shared pc then use this link

    There will also be a stand on Shop Street on Saturday, 5th of December to promote the survey to the public. Because of the survey’s level of detail, a street-based campaign alone may not succeed: a meaningful survey is not something (as with a petition) that can be completed in 30 seconds from a stall on Shop Street on a Saturday afternoon. Our survey is not a simple "wish list" of measures. Our survey challenges you, the road users of Galway, to set the priorities for the City at a time of restricted resources. Our survey makes you the City manager and challenges you to make best use of your budget!

    Have a go!


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