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CTYI Chat Room

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    Right well I thought might be an idea to post (and sticky) some instructions on how to get into the chat room...

    1) Get yourself an IRC client. mIRC is a free download (30 trial but doesn't stop working from what I've been told) -

    2) Connect to a quakenet server. Look up mIRC docs on this. A local quakenet server is "". See for more.

    3) Join "#ctyizens". That's the room. Look up docs on this if you need to.

    4) Talk/Enjoy.

    5) Repeat ad infinitum.

    If there's anything I left out please add it. This is not a chatter thread so don't use it for that or your post will be deleted.

    If someone has an mIRC/IRC tutorial handy then post a link.

    The point of this chat room is to try encourage actual chatter in a more chat oriented environment instead of on the forums. This is not intended to replace the forums, not in the least bit, but there is too much simple banter here. The chatroom offers a far more appropriate environment.

    I'll accept simple queries on here and only on the topic of the chat room. No off topic and no "banter". Instant ban for breech of this and anything else that's inappropriate and I'm unable to think of right now.


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