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Champix/Chantix - anyone got any information?



  • Cheers thank SMK. It was a month yesterday. What I hoping for it too get a full 3 months off them then go on half dose for a month then finish. I'm now in the great position that everyday is without a smoke is the longest I ever had and that feels good.

  • I started Champix nearly 2weeks ago and have been off the smokes 10days and counting. I am experiencing some side affects that some other users have mentioned, especially when I moved onto the stronger tablets (1mg) stomach cramps when taking them, migraine type headaches and really really wierd ass dreams. But they ARE working and IMO they are definately worth trying if all other avenues have failed. For example, I was out drinking saturday night and went to the dublin game yesterday and was in the beer garden etc, all my mates were smoking but it didnt bother me one bit, didnt even slightly want a smoke. I dont think this is possible if you try and go cold turkey or use the nicotene replacements. I only got 1 months supply of champix and I think after a month I might try and give the tablets a miss and see how im feeling.

  • Hi Allybhoy. I would strongly recommend sticking with Champix for the suggested three months. Give yourself the best possible chance of staying off the cigarettes. The side effects will ease up and I found I didn't really get the side effects if I took the tablet with food.

  • hmm, thanks SMK, not too sure though.
    Took a tablet lastnite b4 i went to bed, had a bowl of cereal with it aswell, couldnt sleep for about 2hours because of stomach cramps and headaches. Had to get up at about half2 and take a motilium and 2 aspirin, god knows what my liver is like at the moment because of all the aspirin im taking, also had some crazy ass dreams. Took my tablet again this morning, had a bowl of porridge and I still feel a bit quesy(sp?). The funny thing is the side affects seem to be getting worse not better, I thought my body would have got used to the tablets and the side effects would be getting easier to cope with but it seems like the opposite. Im dreading taking my tablet 2nite as I know ill be taking the now obligatory motilium and aspirin about 30mins afterwards, and to think I have at least another month left of this!

  • I used to take the first tablet with breakfast and the second one with dinner so I had a few hours before going to sleep. I did have more vivid dreams than usual but not nightmares. When I was researching Champix before starting it, I read on a few occasions that some people didn't feel good on the higher dose and stuck with the .5mg tablet twice a day and it worked for them. So, maybe the lower dose will work for you?

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  • SMK wrote: »
    Hi Allybhoy. I would strongly recommend sticking with Champix for the suggested three months. Give yourself the best possible chance of staying off the cigarettes. The side effects will ease up and I found I didn't really get the side effects if I took the tablet with food.

    I have to agree with SMK all the evidence suggests that staying on them for three months gives you the time to deal with the psychological cues and that what will get you back smoking., as you are now nicotine free [Congrats] . I found the side effects dissapated over time to. If they get worse or are of a concern to you, talk to your GP about the half strenght tablets which greatly reduce the side effects. Best of luck with it.

    Edit: Aspirin can be quite severe on your stomach maybe try paracetamol or better still have a chat with you GP.

  • There is a lot of absolute nonsense floating around about CHAMPIX and its so called negative effects on users. Firstly, let me tell you that I have been smoking 20+ cigarettes per day non-stop for over thirty-five years and have, from time to time, tried to give up but always to no avail. Cold Turkey, chewing gum, patches, alternative methods, you name it and I have tried it. A friend of mine mentioned CHAMPIX to me and I did a bit of internet digging about it and came up with the most frightening prospects if I were to take the course. Stories of folks in the USA going berserk and shooting people, women wielding axes at their husbands in the dead of night and one report that a gentleman from Oregon was visited by Aliens who force fed him nicotine suppositories. My conclusion is that these people were around long before CHAMPIX came on the scene and will continue to be around for many more years to come. I wonder if the guy in Austria who locked up his family for twenty year!
    s was on CHAMPIX? Or how about the German guy who ate his best friend for dinner? Did he have a CHAMPIX fix before the main course?
    A little further digging comes up with stories of Nausea, Vomiting, Sleepless Nights, Constipation and....wait for it....Suicidal Ideation. Oh my God, I thought, I will be off the fags but I will be found sleepwalking with a rope dangling in my hand looking for a toilet with a trail of vomit behind me in the dead of night. I have to tell you that such an image does very little for my ego and even less for my love life.
    Now. I have to conclude from my desire to proceed anyway that there must be a bit of a 'divil' in all of us and that includes me because I still wanted to have a go. So with all this information stored on my harddrive and uploaded onto my Ipod and downloaded into my mind and backed up on my USB I head for my GP to discuss the possibility of taking this serious 'head trip'.
    To cut a long story short, I started the course the next day. Followed the instructions, picked DAY 14 to quit and listened very carefully to my mind, body and spirit for the slightest signal of chaos which would be the justifiable catalyst to me binning the box of wicked tablets and returning full time to the good old fags.
    One month later, no bad dreams, no sleepless nights, no nausea, no overeating, no nightmares, no murders, no dangling ropes, no constipation, no hallucinations, no suicidal ideations, in fact, if I were a junkie looking for a serious head trip from these things I would be one very very dissapointed sould indeed.
    On day 15 I got out of bed and had no cigarettes because I made sure I had the last two before I went to bed the night before. I anticipated cravings that never came, I anticipated bad mood swings that never came, I anticipated intolerance and impatience with others that never came, I anticipated a desire to kill anybody who said 'Boo! to me that never came (even though many a good Boo! did come), nothing of what I expected would happen actually happened.
    Here is what happened to me as a result of taking the CHAMPIX course. I am off the cigarettes. I am a non smoker who sits indoors for his lunch, I have more money in my pocket (I am saving a tenner a day in a large glass bottle and figure there is maybe four hundred bucks so far and rising......Carribean Islands look out, here I come!), no taste of dead rats in my throat when I wake up in the morning, no late night trawling the streets looking for open shops to make sure I wont wake up tomorrow 'fagless', no cravings, no longings and the icing on the cake, no smell off me or my clothes and my partner tells me when they kiss me they dont feel like they are kissing an ashtray. I used to snore and thats gone. I feel great and I am sleeping like a log. Everyone is asking me these days how come I look so well, cheerful and happy and.......Oh delight.....How come I look younger?
    Bottom line, forget the bull you are reading and get out there to your GP, bring him/her a print of this posting and get on this course immediately. Don't delay, there is a very painless and happy smoke free world out there and you are invited.
    Thats my story. Sorry if I bored you.
    Gerry Hannan (Limerick)

  • Gerry, thanks for your post. It's giving me that final push to get them. Can't wait now!

  • On my 14 day on champix, So far no effect. First week smoked more than normal (which is about 20 a day) and the normal amount of nicorette gums (around 6-8 a day when i am working. I have been addicted to nicorette gum since 2000 when I gave up fags for a year, Have tried everything usually lasting a month. Hoping this will work but have my doubts, Wake up every morning hoping I wont reach over for the fag so far NO good.
    As I am a guinna pig for 4 smokers who are awaiting the results I feel dissapointed that I havent noticed a single difference. Has anyone whom this has worked for tell me what I am doing wrong

  • Hi Glenfarne,
    Maybe you're thinking about it too much. When I first started Campix, it was all I thought about and how I felt each day. So, why not take the next few days off from thinking!! Continue taking the Champix. Smoke and chew gum as you please - don't go overboard, just don't over analyse. My biggest problem at the start was not trusting Champix or believing that it could possibly work! It works! I have a counter on my computer since the day I stopped and I used to check it every single day, then every week, month and now I only look at it occasionally. But still, to me it's pretty impressive!!! Here it is....

    One year, four months, three weeks, five days, 9 minutes and 46 seconds. 12850 cigarettes not smoked, saving €4,529.68. Life saved: 6 weeks, 2 days, 14 hours, 50 minutes.

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  • is there no side effects to the drug??? surely there is???
    I heard these are just a few, you really should avoid using another drug to quit a drug if u can.

    side effects:
    abdominal pain
    appetite changes
    dry mouth
    flatulence (passing gas)
    nausea and vomiting
    sleep disturbance (difficulty sleeping or abnormal dreams)
    unusual tiredness or weakness

  • Got a bad cold which went to the chest so stopped taking champex as waste of time. when chest got better stopped fags and started champex again. First Weekend had a few fags, but wont buy them.
    Second week off them well have two or three a day from partner always in the eve with a can of beer. I dont feel that much cravings reduced down gum to around 4 a day from 12 to 15. so great improvment No side effects at all. Will keep posting progress and do my best to be clear of nicotine.

  • Thank you for great advice, I am just discovering this for myself. Champix appears to be working so far. Today had a rootcanal and no fags or gum rootcanal did not bother me but when numnness wore off oh dear .feel like s..t because I had to go back to work and got no painkillers Thankfully I had a Bottle of wine and a few beers at home. Just to say you made perfect sense. I wont let Alan Carr's books let me down either.:rolleyes:Thanks a million.

  • Hi I have been taking Champix since last Tuesday and just started on the two tablets a few days ago. I have a feeling I am overthinking the whole situation and as my last smoking day is coming near I think I am getting nervous that it won't work.

    I have tried everything hypnosis, cold turkey, Alan Carr (twice), inhalers etc and am really relying on this as I hate smoking.

    Any advice?

  • The only advice is one day at a time and deep breaths Knowing the cravings wont last and over time go completly is what gets you through twenty fags a day costing nearly 3000 a year does not make sense and think what you can do with that. I Have stopped the tabs and am struggling on Was not easy to get this far but it is getting easier.

  • Glenfarne, did you finish out your prescribed course of Champix, and how long did that course last?

    I have one week of meds left on my first script (been off the smokes 4 weeks today), and am planning on getting a repeat script during the week. At the end of that script, I'll have been on them for 3 months. I haven't had a craving since I started on them, and at this stage I can't imagine craving a fag after the 3 month period.

    Just wondering if you're in the position of experiencing a craving after being on the meds for 3 months?

  • Thanks for that. I am feeling a little bit better today and actually looking forward to tomorrow. Boyfriend is still smoking so that will be extra hard but I have a feeling this time I am going to be sucessful. Fingers crossed.

  • I am not off the fags 3 months, More like 4 weeks. Everyone has different reactions to the tabs I realy didnt feel that they helped me as I did get bad cravings
    but I had to give up the nicorette gum as well so that was two habits to beat.
    I am more determent every day to stay off them and I am in the process of looking at a safari holiday for next year with the money I have saved.

  • Well done it must have been hard to give up the two things at once. I am not having much side affects just feeling a bit sick after I take them but it goes as quickly as it comes.

    Was thinking of putting money away everyday and having the incentive of a big shopping spree after a few months.

  • Well done to all who are off the smokes.

    I have been taking Champix for last 6 days, last 0.5mg tonight before the 1mg tomorrow morning. I was never a heavy smoker, never more than 10-12 a day but 10-12 more than i should have been in the first place.

    I'm on the sticks 15 years but found it very hard (as most) to kick the habit, off them for 2 months last year but slowly back on them. I tried most things to give them up but will power always succeeded until this year when i tried a few times but got nowhere for some reason.

    Anyway hopefully Champix works a treat for me as i have cut down already in the morning with not wanting to light up but the usual elevenses cup of coffee and a cig routine is just too hard to overcome atm.

    I will reply at the same time next week to let you all know how it is going. :)

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  • I am now on my second day without smoking and am feeling really confident - Champix is holding back the cravings and I can actually see myself doing this.

  • i just started the champix yesterday ive been telling myself for months to go to the doctor and get them im feeling fairly confident this time round ive tried everything else over the years

  • :eek:
    Ok first time posting here ever.. but started Champix three days ago. been smoking 20 a day for the past fifteen or so years. Never successfully quit before ever ... and as my name suggests I have had two ( thankfully healthy ) babies. Shame on me I know ... anyway am doing the right thing now.....

    So just to check you other takers of champix anyone feel kind of I don't know lethargic and kind of numb regarding emotions ~ like a permanent even mood? Husband wants to know where real wife is ... far too relaxed. Normally cleaning freak and just seems kind of pointless the past few days ? Much more important things to do like try new recipe ( he does most of the cooking .. WTF am I at, system works well leave it alone!???) or play with kids or just sit & watch telly. Any of this sound familiar to anyone. No nausea or mental dreams yet, just this kind of "daze". Should I be worried?

    On the plus side smoking much less ... I feel like I am doing it to be loyal to my old pal the cigs who I have relied on so heavily and because that is what I have always done rather than smoke because I really have to. Got an interview next week, tax return to complete and awaiting other important news all before the 31st so I guess if my mood is going to be altered might as well be now LOL! Otherwise it would be stress city here! Oh and halloween costumes to kit out! Hmmm ... perhaps not the cleverest of times to quit. Ok rambling now ... its the drugs for sure normally short and to the point .....

  • Best of luck mam2to.

    The only side effects I remember were feeling unwell for about 30 minutes after taking the tablet but didn't happen if I took the tablet with food. Also I had strange (but not weird) dreams and even the dreams improved after a few weeks on the tablets.

    Just remember that any differences you may feel over the next few weeks might not be solely due to the Champix. Your body is going to react to a reduction and then total lack of nicotine and all the other additives in cigarettes.

  • ive been feeling a little unwell today
    im on my first half mil evening tab now but i took a motilum hopefully it will make me feel less quisy
    im smoking less i picked day 12 to give up i dont think ill last that long though

  • Keith looks like me and you are on same sheet ~ I picked Sunday to give up. Day thirteen. Best of luck mate. Just had my second tab and hitting the sack now. Feeling so tired!!! Smoked a goodbit today though reckon its more the "fear" that time with them is running out. BUT thats a good thing. Can't wait to be rid of them and I do believe the tabs will work/ are working. Not enjoying them any more.

    Keep posting won't ya?! And Camogie girl .... all non smokers keep the support too ... its great. Really really helpful.

  • I used to take the even tablet with my dinner around 6pm. I didn't want to take is too close to bed time in case it affected my sleep.

  • Hi All,

    I have been off the smokes for 9 days now and feeling great. Mam2to I know what you are saying about an even mood. When I first started taking the tablets I was on cloud 9 for days. Nothing bothered I was a cleaning and cooking freak. didn't want to sit down coz I loved the feeling but then it went away and back to my moody self :)

    If you find yourself smoking more before your quit day don't worry about it. I was so afraid I picked day 14 (the 11th hour) smoked more and more every day but I was grand when the day came. What I am feeling now is that even though I don't want a smoke and I am not having any cravings at all it is the habit. And the only time I have thought of this is when I was out and people where going out to have a smoke. I feel it is that bit that is going to be difficult for me. The social side.

    Oh and one thing I did notice that sickens me and when your a smoker you can't tell how bad it stinks but OH MY GOD it is horrible and I wasted years of perfume and ended up smelling like that?????:mad:

  • day 12 is looming im on day 10 now
    im half dreading it and half cant wait ,im definatly smoking less now 20 lasted me more than a day the last two days
    im still feeling sick every evening after the tab and cant smoke after it or i will get sick
    aside from that ill feeling ive no other side effects no crazy dreams or what not
    keep it up every one :D

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  • Hi I have been taking Champix since last Tuesday and just started on the two tablets a few days ago. I have a feeling I am overthinking the whole situation and as my last smoking day is coming near I think I am getting nervous that it won't work.

    I have tried everything hypnosis, cold turkey, Alan Carr (twice), inhalers etc and am really relying on this as I hate smoking.

    Any advice?

    im having days like this every other day
    i hope i pan out aswell as you

    ive tried everything aswell and feel like this is my last shot