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Jet Turbine 14Kg RC Harrier VTOL Test Rig

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    In a recent thread I suggested that we were not far from have VTOL (vertical takeoff and Landing) models.

    Then yesterday I was talking with Patrick (the shop manager at Green Hobby & Model, Dublin) and this subject came up. Patrick told me I was already out of date and gave me this URL :

    The video says it all.

    The modeller 's comment:
    The purpose of building this jig is for testing minimun requirment of 3 axis control force. The turbine is for lifting only and mounts vertically.

    There are four small EDFs mount in two end of fuselag and wing tips, the fans of fuselage control Pitch( differential RPM ) & Yaw( twist two fans in different direction), and the fans of wing tips control Roll( differential RPM ).
    All three motions are governed by three head locking GY-401 gyros.
    Because of some improvment of fan thrust and gyro setting, this rig is stable more than before.
    The fuselage is just out of mold, I'll test conventional flight as soon as possible to find out the correct C/G position and place lifting nozzle in there.

    The EDFs will be replaced by turbine powered hot gas nozzles in the new system for Harrier project in the future. The weight of EDFs system is about 1Kg (include battery ), but the hot gas nozzles system is only 600g and more simple than EDFs one.

    thrust more than 200N is just enough! It's a big bird.