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Charter: the 2003 edition (with *2005* updates)

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    Righto, this hasnt been updated in a long while and on request i'm re-doing.

    1)this is a community board so discussion is the name of the game here.

    WITHIN REASON. no stupid threads that don't belong here at all. use common sense people. no blatantly stupid threads either. remember there are youngsters here, some of who's minds arent as twisted as ours. keep it (relatively) clean.

    2)no flaming. don't get into a big argument with someone in a thread or your posts will get edited. if it goes on the thread will be locked. if it continues and you go much too far, temp ban will occur.

    3)i'm stealing a page from adams book. any posts edited by me will not contain (edited), they will contain something gratuitous. Take it up with the management ;) or rather....dont.

    4)don't post anything that'll get me, you or us in general in trouble. please?

    5)just cus you know me does NOT mean you can get away with everything. not looking at anyone *cough*svenandhugh*cough*
    You had adam, who was the evil mod, fio who was the nice mod, and me....well we'll see :)

    6)also, newbies, do us all a favour and post in the "who's who" thread. keep spam in there to a minimum please. :p



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