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i have my irish oral tomorrow

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    and somehow i have completely forgotten the whole bluddy language! and i still haven't seen the sliochts.
    sliochts... ah, theres a word as gaeilge...
    as gaeilge...
    its all coming back to me now 8)

    Anyway, i didn't get what i needed on the After Hours, and i didn't go to school yesterday or today, so i'll ask here as a last resort in the hope that other ppl who are doing their irish oral soon will be reading this board:

    Hellllllp! can i get the sliochts online, can someone scan them for me?!
    [email protected]


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    I've got my orals tomorrow as well. (screwed)

    Err, why didn't you go to school, you could have got the sliochts there like.

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    i know i should have... but that would have meant that i would have to do 2 big english essays and a load of maths as well :/
    anyway, Davoc is scanning them! wooohooo
    gl munch0r

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    For those doing their Leaving Cert at the moment, is an excellent resource site which gives notes and documentation on all the subjects... note that it's not free, but it isn't expensive either.

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    I had my oral today (should I be writing this in Irish? Ah well smile.gif.

    It went very well, I was really pleased with it. I presume you wanna know what he asked? smile.gif

    - surveillance on the Internet.. is the Internet dangerous

    - "what is a computer? I've never seen one"

    - Germany - the differences between Ireland and Germany (but probably only because I told him I worked there last summer)

    - other places thar lear

    - the Gaeltacht - why did I choose the one on Inis Mor.. what was on the island.. what is Dun Aonghasa.. would I like to live on Inis Mor

    - what I want to do in college - how many points I need to get - what grade do I think I'll get in Irish - what grade I got in Irish in the JC - is the standard of Irish high among students in general - what did I get in my other subjects in the JC - why am I doing all subjects at higher level - what are the advantages of this

    - teachers strike

    - the Irish course - what do I think of it - what novel have I done - do I prefer pros or filiocht (when I said pros he asked me about Clann Lir and aibheal and bealoideas)

    and Sliocht a naoi smile.gif

    He didn't ask me *anything* about my family/my town/my school/my pasttimes - the normal things... but there are only 10 people in my school doing honours irish so he asked us more difficult questions. My friends doing pass were asked all the normal family/pasttimes/etc.

    Hope I've helped somehow.. beidh tu ceart go leor smile.gif

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    **** i thought you meant your oral is tomorrow... I'm a day late.. sorry..!

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