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Best summer in memory



  • While im not a huge fan of hot summers the best summer would have to be 95. It seemed to be more of a dry heat then the more humid kind. Honourable mentions for 83,84 and 89 .Too young to remember much about 76

    I found the warm spells of summer 06 too humid. July 06 was pure torture.

  • 2020 was a great summer . this year has been terrible so far

  • Second this. Summer 95 wasn't overly humid. Even caught an early June frost such was the dryness of the air.

  • 95

    I spent two months in north Donegal and I'm pretty sure it barely rained in that entire time.

    I spent all my childhood summers there. I can confirm that one was unique.

  • Also I was born in July 83 in the middle of a heatwave and now my son was born in one on Saturday and my daughter was born in a mini one in May '17. Maybe we should move to somewhere warmer.

    People saying 2006, the only summer I remember from that era was the one where it rained for 2 months straight... 2007/8? Rihanna Umbrella was fittingly number one for all of it.

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  • Summer 1988, I had the time of my life in the womb.

    So many stories, I'll tell ya anther time

  • I'm old enough to remember saving hay with my father back in 1976. The heat was exceptional. We abandoned the meadow for a few hours in the afternoon as it became unbearable.

    I also recall 1995 clearly. That summer the heat went on an on relentlessly into September.

  • 1995 was the best year of my life time, although i'm too young to remember 1976 as i was only 1 at the time. in 95 i was working in a business where i spoke with a lot of farmers and of the course the weather was the only topic of discussion. to a man each said it was by far and away the best summer they had seen and some of these lads were in their 70/80's. this was in north mayo and i think in fairness in 1976 this part of the country did not do as well as others so its possible 76 was better elsewhere but 95 was by far and away the best in north connaught anyway, we would need at least 3 more weeks of this weather to come close to 95

  • 1995 was incredible.

    2006 unfortunately I was going through a rough patch so couldnt enjoy it.

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  • 95 I remember well, super time and long long spells of lovely warm air.

    76 I also remember, I was 7 at the time and remember it was hot for months on end and almost living on the beach with my family.

  • I remember 1976 well... the sunny days seemed endless and the TV pictures of a dry and cracked Roundwood reservoir looked like a scene from Africa.

  • this is on par with 2018

  • not sure 2021 can be on any list just yet. One week of good weather and a good few of dull and cloudy is not exactly great. If august conitues like this them it has potential be be in a recent top 5.

    1995 and 2006 are ones that are memorable for me. early 2018 wasnt too bad either

  • Yeah it was 2007

    I remember working outside for the summer and for about 40 days straight it rained every day. Even when it looked like a grand day it would start raining. And that bloody song was on all the time…

    2006 was exceptionally hot. I remember being on a building site and dripping sweat. Funnily enough my memory must be going because 2013 and 2018 aren’t standing out for me at all. The one that I always remember from my childhood and being outside in the sunshine constantly is 1995

  • I associate the 2014 world cup with great weather, and that tournament took place from 12th June to 13th July. My memory of it could be patchy though. I remember at the time thinking it was brilliant how we had gotten two great summers in a row, because by 2012 it seemed as though the weather was working in tandem with the economy, with 2012 being both the pits of the recession and the worst year for weather I can remember (not to mention the dismal performance of the Irish football team at euro 2012). 2008 was also a year that I associate with grey, rainy weather but I can't remember how truthful that is and would need to research it a bit.

    The heat in the summer of 2013 I remember as being humid and sweaty, making it difficult to sleep at night, and that of 2018 being of a more burning variety.

    The period from April to June in 2018 I remember as being devoid of rain and June was amazing.

    Late June and early July 2019 had really good weather here but it was nothing compared to the heat in the UK at the time which hit the high 30 degrees at time over June and July.

    For me 2018 is the best in my memory, although I was a small child in 1995 have the vaguest recollections of the grass all turned brown by the end of the summer.

  • Thing about a lot of these years is that the subsequent years tend to be really bad.

    After 1983 and 1984, 1985 and 1986 were really bad.

    1985 was so bad that a lot of the drama around the moving statues that year was seen by some as some devine intervention to solve the bad weather.

    1996 was so bad that it prompted me to leave Ireland.

    I remember on TV a certain swimmer coming back to Dublin airport after the Olympics in the wind and rain in early August, the previous year the country is baked in sun the same day.

    The less said about 2007 the better. It was a really nice spring but a terrible summer.

  • 1995 i was just a young fella and we had a mobile home near 2 great beaches, felt like we spent the whole summer at the beach.

  • 2018 for sure, great year of weather in general with Storm Emma back in February, and a long warm summer that went on for ages. I was in my last year of college then so I might have a rosier view of it than most. But everything started to look a lot browner, I remember seeing Lambay Island or Ireland's Eye from the train one of the days and it looked like an island in the Mediterranean.

    Hazier memories of 2006 but again I remember the heat and how brown everything got by the end.

    Technically lived through the 1995 summer but I was in the womb at the time 😁

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  • Same with winters really. After all the wintry episodes in 2018 and the BFTE, 2019 was mild all the way through. One day of snow in March I think and that was it. And then of course after 2010 and 2011 we had a run of very mild and mostly snowless winters

    The Irish climate really does seem to balance out the extremes one way or another.

  • I remember 1995 particularly because earlier in the year a bought a used (1990) Honda Accord. It had a lot of 'toys' fitted. I remember the salesman saying 'it even has air conditioning' which would have been fairly rare in an Irish car at the time. It didn't really mean much to me at the time but by the end of the Summer it became a must have feature! 😃

    Seven Worlds will Collide

  • Same as..

    First proper girlfriend, raves in The Burren, inter-railing, lads weekends and weeks in Kerry, drinking the shite out of it...

    Whoring and touring on my Vespa...

    First year of Feile ( I think), some craic.

    I had a full time job, money, and not a worry in the world. And the weather was great.

    1995 was great..Great weather, first love and Clare won the All Ireland, had 5 weeks in Prague drinking cheap beer..

    The life !!

  • 2018 cant be beat...was like living in Spain for most of it

  • I think the 70s, the tar in the road melted and I traveled between UK and Ireland and half the countryside was yellow or burnt. I remember having long summers.

    Other than 2018 all the others were relatively short. The 1990 one was another good one. I remember having a tan going on holidays, just from working outside.

  • 1995 was amazing.

    I was in college and went to London with a lot of friends to work for the summer. The day I arrived I hung my jacket in the wardrobe and didn't take it out again until the day I was packing to leave. Every day was a scorcher.

    Spent so many nights clubbing until the small hours and working in a hotel during the day - a few times I didn't go to bed until the following afternoon.

    Once when I got home from a club, I went for a piss and it came out like jelly - I guess I was really dehydrated.

    Good times.

  • Never seen anything like 95 for drought and heat - 83,84, 2006, 2018 all stick in the memory too

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