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Brexit discussion thread XIV (Please read OP before posting)



  • So are you saying that Ireland had no direct involvement or say in formulating their fishing quotas?

    That is extraordinary.

  • Seem to be conflating 'Ireland' and 'Irish government' there buddy The EU is an inter-governmental body so as per representative democracies it goes citizens protest to their national government and their government is meant to take that protest to the EU as they directly represent their people in 2 of the 4 institutions of the EU, the people can also protest to their meps to raise it to 3 of the 4 institutions.

    the "UK" we are talking about is the actual bloody government, there is a key difference

    On a side topic I was recently commenting on a video on youtube about the recent issues in Northern Ireland and I encountered another user with the name Robert MC who had quite a silly response to me on the topic so I'm am curious now if you are the same mr MC or is it just strange coincidence.

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  • I have never commented on any videos on YouTube.

  • Irish fisherman had no direct involvement.

    The UK government literally were at the table.

  • How the EU divide up their fishing quotas is nothing to do with the UK.

  • The point the poster is making about Irish fishermen is that as part of the EU they are quite entitled to lobby for additional quotas or changes to regs.

    The UK having left, and left on the basis that staying was too much to bear, and having a deal in place, one that they apparently wanted and won on election on the back of, have no right to complain.

    They can of course look for a different deal, but should do so through the normal channels and with the position that nothing can change until everything is agreed.

    The seem to believe that they are still members, that negotiations are still ongoing and that everything is still on the table.

    A simple solution is to pause Brexit, take a further two or three year extension, with the consequences such as continuing ECJ, paying into EU budget etc, and look to yet unknown solutions

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  • Brexit's done. There's no option for "extending".

    They can discuss extensions to transition periods if they so wish, but they literally just turned down that option but a few weeks ago.

    We're at the "let them run and jump" point, again. Well, we would be if the man in the Taoiseach's office wasn't so useless and acquiescent.

  • Afaik, didn't they ask for an extension today?

    They couched it in terms of suspension of timetable or whatever but it is essentially an extension to the transition period.

    UK would agree to stay aligned to the EU for everything but claim they aren't.

    I can only see an advantage in that for the EU. Effectively kicking the can down the road and hoping that the UK eventually starts to see sense

  • Give them nothing. The Tories are slowly being found out. Giving them a leg up anywhere extends their reign of terror.

    You have to take the wording reign of terror in a literal sense. This extends to their oversight of hundreds of thousands of dead, mass deportations, hunger, tearing up social contracts , and removing foreign aid.

    Allow them continue. Because the lustre will vanish quickly.

  • Cutting foreign aid is seen as a good thing by British conservative supporters. The argument being that the money should be spent at home first. Then they go and do feck all for their own disadvantaged anyway.

  • It is pretty much exactly the plan which Johnson tabled in September 2019, and which went nowhere then. So UK is basically making proposals which have already been rejected, and it is doing so at a time when it has much less negotiating clout and credibility than it had the first first time around. They cannot seriously expect this to go anywhere, and the signal they send by tabling such a hopeless proposal is that they have no real interest in a genuine negotiation. If you wanted a genuine negotiation, you wouldn't start this way.

  • Sammy Wilson vs Barry Andrews on NT just there, i dont think i need to go into much detail about how it went, sammy lied and then andrews and ciara kelly corrected him continuously.

  • Yes all the way back in 2018 when Irish Government / Enterprise Ireland / Local Chambers of Commerce were running conventions and webinars on the basis that the UK would become a "3rd Country" (Deal or No Deal) Any (so called) "imposed restrictions on import/export to EU are the direct result of the UK (GB since NI protocol) of becoming a 3rd country....the so called "Australian Deal" the Tories were promoting.

    Its no more difficult than that.

    EU are not imposing any additional restrictions compared to any other "3rd country", in fact much less with all the exemptions and extensions the UK have been given in the WA and NI. Protocol. Other 3rd countries may withhold Trade deals because of all the special exemptions UK have been given so far.

    The difference between importing from Australia than your nearest trading neighbour is as it takes 6 weeks to get from Australia, so you have 6 WEEKS to sort out the paperwork for Import. Not 10 mins in a Ferry Port queue in France.

    Farmers and businesses in GB would cut off their arm to have the opportunities to sell within UK plus have free access to the EU Market


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  • Yep it’s starting to look like that not only lies we’re told over and over but Brexiteers cynically went on and on for years about Will of people (which is fairly hilarious as uk is such a flawed democracy) but now have no issues forgetting about all that too.

    Lets call them out for what they are, right wing populists who adopted tactics of 20th century fascism movements and layered on top the more cynical aspects of modern Russian oligarchic despotism (Cummings putting his kgb training to use before he himself got thrown under the Boris bus)

  • It must be exactly as you say Retro - keep the EU as an enemy and distract the masses from the unholy agenda they are pursuing.

  • Might be nice to explain to the electorate that most of the loyalist opposition to the NI Protocol is being drummed up by drug dealers since the Protocol makes it harder for them to smuggle drugs into NI.

  • Also, most people in GB couldn't give a flying fig about may as well be South Korea or Vietnam to them. One wonders if this is the vote winner that Johnson and Frost seem to think it is.

  • Maybe he is looking for a Falklands/Las Malvinas moment? Most people in the UK didn't even know they existed until Maggie went all gung ho. Worked for her.

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  • I think this might be the answer. In day to day terms the general public don't care about NI and know even less. However there's a substantial cohort of the press and public who get all misty eyed at the notion of "Empire". Playing to the usual suspects about how the EU are using underhand tactics to steal part of the very core of the UK itself will rouse the rabble to a sufficient degree and serve to distract from other issues.