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Has the 1 week downtime & move to vanilla killed this place?



  • Not dead, but it's the hottest summer of the year so people are at home less.

    I'm not a fan of the new layout, can't properly navigate my forums that I subscribe to. No idea if I'm following a thread after I comment on it, and how to turn it off.

    The layout of the UX is weird. Even now I've got this massive blank space on the right side of my screen and there's way too much white space.

  • That's an easy one-install the dark reader add-on, enable just for this site, unless you want it elsewhere-and away you go.

  • Yeah, I'm all for alternative Irish based places - have browsed **** this evening - no harm in alternatives

  • as long as it doesn't go the way voat /boards did, it'll be grand. (although a mod or two gone rogue posting inside secrets would be some craic)

  • Really missed the site when it was down and not liking the new look. Resistant to change but won't be browsing elsewhere instead just yet.

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  • I'm certainly here less often. Some might think that's a positive thing though. Slowly trying to figure out it all works now but that's going slow.

    I only use the desktop version on a 42" TV and can only view at most 2 short posts at the same time due to all the white space.

    I miss the dark/orange theme as all this white is hard on my eyes. I guess I'll have to use a dark theme extension for my browser which is always a pain.

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  • Unless find all my posts and followed threads returns this site is gonna be a dead duck.

    I find the site hard to navigate as well to get to the forum you want.

    The touch site is horrific. Think this is gonna be the final nail in the coffin with boards.

  • The loss of the most thanked posts is also very annoying.

  • I agree the my forums list and the dropdowns are essential, get that sorted on desktop and half the complaints will disappear, then fix the modile experience, I find it unusable but tend to use desktop more.

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  • Nevermind. How do you delete things?

  • I hope not. I missed boards the week it was gone. I'm not much of a poster but read alot so I'm hopeful it will remain popular

  • "My Discussions" is only the threads you started - well at least for me it is ..

  • Why change the thanks function for a like button, ad generated revenue threw Facebook?

  • I think you have to click the boards logo then go to 'my threads' tab. But you don't get notified when a thread has been updated. Only if you have been quoted. Some forums don't seem to appear there though, even if you have posted it them since the upgrade, but I am guessing they are just bugs that might be fixed tomorrow.

  • Yeah, it's horrible. Can't find anything. Posts in some threads seem to be in a weird order. Excessive whitespace.

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  • I'm beginning to think the boards owners fell for one of those scams doing the rounds at present when they hired the developers for this rubbish. did something similar years back and lost over 70% of their posters over the course of the next few months.


  • Tried to use the mobile for a few days and it's impossible to the point I don't even bother anymore

    Finally got around to using it on a Desktop and it looks ok, however the functions are unnecessarily renamed and impossible to navigate along with the site loading incredibly slow

    Hard to even read posts with the tiny text and huge white space. There's no need for facebook, twitter or like icons either in every single post

  • The new site is a terrible experience . I access it only on my phone and it’s a nightmare to navigate. Is there any going back? Or at least to something that had the same UX?

  • yeah and simultaneously to that happening there has been an explosion of Covid posts on r/ireland so that explains whats happened

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  • Your Posts can be found - with a bit of digging:

    On your profile page, click on Comments (at the bottom of page).

    Not your ornery onager