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[Open] Welcome back SHEEP!

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    Boards is back 😀

    How about we celebrate with a simple sheep? Someone's got to test the sheepulator on the new boards!

    26 questions, one for each letter of the alphabet but otherwise fairly random (and some definitely plagiarised!)

    Note: answers do not have to be alphabetical, all answers are valid

    If you're new to sheep, think Family Fortunes. You get a point for everyone who gives the same answer as you, so you want the most popular answers

    Please PM your answers to me in an unnumbered list

    Google is allowed, and there's no wrong answers (except Ireland for Q5)

    Deadline TBC - I'm thinking about a week and a half

    Right, let's go!

    • Name an African country
    • Name a Beatles song
    • Name a car manufacturer
    • Name a famous dog (real or fictitious)
    • Name an EU member state, excluding Ireland
    • Name a flower
    • Name a girl band
    • Name a famous Harry
    • Name an island off the coast of Ireland
    • Name a job you might have had as a teen
    • Name a kitchen utensil
    • Name a League of Ireland football team
    • Name a Marvel Comic Universe character
    • Name a nursery rhyme
    • Name an Oscar winning director
    • Name a President of the USA
    • Name a Quentin Tarantino film
    • Name a rugby player
    • Name a sea creature
    • Name a Taoiseach
    • Name a U2 song
    • Name a vegetable
    • Name a World Cup host country (football)
    • Name an X-Factor Winner (UK)
    • Name a yellow object
    • Name a zoo animal

    Enjoy! 🙂

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