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What is happening with Toyota reliability

  • 18-07-2021 8:40am
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    A few months back I bought a 2007 yaris 1.3 with 70,000 miles I started having a issue with 2nd gear beening notchy. Changed the gearbox oil thought it might help.

    It seems it's a issue with these.

    Then I bought a 2010 corrolla 1.4 after a few days I noticed the odd time 2nd gear was like it was getting stuck when u wanted to go from 2nd to 3rd gear.

    I look online it seems to be a problem with them and the aruis also gearbox trouble.

    I remember having Toyotas years ago never had a bother you would imagin going forward they would be only getting better.

    Anything like this ever happen to u. I went away and bought a honda after that.

    I like Toyotas but after the gearbox issues and what I read I am half afraid to buy one.


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    All cars have known issues.

  • Registered Users Posts: 26 Davycs

    What I am saying hear Dudley is when I ran into gearbox issues myself with the cars. I started researching online for info and there was alot having the same issues engines are bullet proof but there was a lot having gearbox issues.

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    Sorry it says you bought the car at 70k miles and starting having issues. As I said it could have 170k miles on it and you wouldnt know.

    With age and mileage every car in the World will have issues. It doesn't matter what brand they are things will go, with Fords it was the fly wheel. I think Audi have similar issues on some of them etc etc.

    Saying a Toyota isn't reliable because a 14 year old car with unknown mileage has a dodgy gearbox is not really true. Fix the gearbox and the car could run for another 14 years? the fact it is still on the road after 14 years is a good start, how many Dacia etc are running after 14 years?

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,323 ✭✭✭ passatman86

    My shape toyota avensis t27 2010 has a few common faults, one of the worst is the electric handbrake that costs around €1k to fix last i heard.

    So far the faults i fixed was injectors x4... Battery + alternator... Drivers window

    Every car brand has common car faults, the accords had cracked manifolds.. Insignias had the oil pick up seal..

    Anyway cars get known for their common faults - its not only a Toyota thing

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    Despite their reputation for reliability, the gearbox bearings have long been a weak spot in Toyotas. Our 2005 T25 Avensis spun its gearbox bearings 11 years ago with 114,000 miles on the clock, although the second hand replacement gearbox has done over 120,000 miles in our ownership (plus whatever it did before it went into our car), and still works perfectly.

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