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GP can only give me first dose of vaccine



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    Orlak2410 wrote: »
    Yeah that’s a good idea. They say not to do that but would they really refuse you at the door especially if you say you’ll wait for an appointment that somebody didn’t turn up for.

    They will not refuse you. Great staff.

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    OP, I am a GP. Obviously I can’t say for sure, but what I suspect has happened here is that your GP is not participating in vaccinating those in cohort 7 (people under 60 with medical conditions) but they had spare doses left over from vaccinating other groups. You got your first vaccine from these spare doses, but there are no more doses being delivered to your GP.

    In this case, your GP should refer you to get a second dose at a vaccination clinic. There is an email service set up by the HSE specifically for this purpose.

    I will say that the amount of ever-changing information about covid and vaccines over the last 15 months has been intense, to put it mildly. Add to that the fact that our computers and sometimes phones haven’t been working properly for the last few weeks, which was right when you posted this thread. I work with a large team of doctors and nurses so we’ve been able to rely on each other to help keep up with the latest developments, but honestly a lot of it has been blink and you miss it stuff. I’d suggest you have another chat with your GP and ask to be referred to a vaccination centre for dose two.

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