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reporting posts

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    Hi, I am just wondering if there is any feedback to posters when they report posts? If I report a post, but it doesn't appear that anything has happened, does that mean a mod decided it didn't need action, or does it mean that no mod got around to it yet?
    when there is an action on thread, it is easy to see, but otherwise how do we know whether the post was breaking rules or not?


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    Boards.ie Community Manager

    Hi bubblypop! No there is no feedback to users when they report a post. It could mean either, a mod hasn't got to it yet or hasn't deemed it worthy of action. They also may have taken other action that you do not see on thread, e.g. a PM to user, a forum ban.

    Mods are not under any obligation to give feedback on reported posts, they get so many it would be a very big ask to reply to each one with an upadate. Once a user has reported a post, they can assume that the post has been dealt with in whatever way was necessary. If you think there was a real issue with the post that wasn't followed up or actioned, you can PM the mods to ask but I wouldn't recommend that for every reported post :)

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    Thanks Niamh, if a poster believes that a mod hasn't acted in good faith, for example, if the mod has an issue with the person who reported the post, so didn't act correctly, is there any comeback for that?

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    I'm not sure what "comeback" you are hoping for

    If you have an issue with a mod, try discussing it with a CMod, or failing that you can start a thread in Help Desk

    In this particular case there are a couple of listed mods as well as the CMods so I'm sure there is one of them you can feel comfortable approaching via PM

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