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Spring 2021 General Discussion



  • This thread will be retired tomorrow as tomorrow is the first day of summer.

    One more warm day before the Atlantic breaks through so make the most of tomorrows sunshine. Temperatures getting up to 21 or 22C in places tomorrow.


    Northern areas will get an extra day of warm and sunny conditions on Wednesday with much cooler conditions spreading northwards and eastwards.


    The warmth may still linger in parts of Leinster and Ulster into Thursday with temperatures of 20C still possible but there will be a good deal of cloud around.


  • Lovely end to a dreadful month. Roll on the summer.

  • The encroaching weather front out West seem to bring it's upper layer cloud much further East than anticipated. Hence today was cooler by quite a bit.

  • Not great in East Clare all day, cloudy and breezy.

  • Max temps today:

    Mount Dillon 22.1
    Newport 21.6
    Claremorris 21.6
    Malin head 21.5
    Finner 21.4

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  • Yesterday was another dissapointing day. Promised so much and delivered cloud.

  • I knew it would be raining this morning but I'm still annoyed to wake up and find rain anyways.

  • OldRio wrote: »
    Yesterday was another dissapointing day. Promised so much and delivered cloud.

    It was glorious on the East coast..roasting

  • Mod Note: We have move on to Summer now! Thread:

  • Somewhat of a delay on this post as to my thoughts on this spring because been out making the most of the fine weather these past few days.

    Overall, I personally enjoyed a lot of this spring. Not quite on the levels of stunning as 2020 obviously because that was an all-time epic season that would be hard to match and much warmer.

    March was a pretty forgettable month with not a lot going on but the second half had some lovely sunny days after a pretty dull start. The hail showers that we did get on March 11th and 26th were also pretty intense and gave good coverings.

    April was amazing, up there with my favourite Aprils. Lots of fine sunny days to get out and about. The northerlies early on were a nuisance though but once they passed by mid-month, no issues to me as days became pleasant for a while. Very little rain too. I appreciated the cold nights as that's how I like nights to be although do love a warm, sultry summer evening from time to time.

    May I was pretty mixed on. The pattern upstream was really bad with blocking in the high latitudes sending the jet stream south with lots of rain. However, I managed to avoid a lot of the rain and had sunny spells instead. Up until the final few days, none of those days really stood out as lovely though because still a fair breeze at times and cumulus bubbling up. Those final few days were so nice mind you especially Sunday 30th which was the best day of the year by far as of this point with very warm conditions and uninterrupted sunshine all day. Far from my favourite May in the world (which was 2020) but not the absolute worst either. Still a worse than normal May however because it was both cool and wet despite being a relatively sunny month.

    Final stats yet to come in for the season but May was widely the coldest since 1996 and wettest since 2006. It was the wettest May on record at Roches Point. Sunshine was above average for all but not as sunny as May 2020.

    Weather and climate site - (advised to view on PC, not optimised for mobile)

    Photography site -

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  • I share most of Sryan's opinions on this spring. I'd say this is one of my favourite springs that I can remember here in Dublin 5, with plenty of interesting weather and model watching.

    March was generally boring with not a whole lot going on but I enjoyed the freezing fog of the 2nd, the hail showers on the 11th and 26th and there were also a number of fine, sunny days.

    April was a fantastic month in my opinion, incredibly sunny and chilly, which suits me and also exceptionally frosty. There was even some snow on 3 or 4 days, which was also great to see. We also had a heavy shower on the 30th that I enjoyed. I'd consider this April to be my favourite April that I can remember and would give it a 9/10. It ended up being a degree below average here and had the same average max temperature as March of 10.8c!

    My opinion on May will be controversial but I found it to be an enjoyable month. We had a decent amount of sunshine and we did escape most of the rain that a lot of the country ended up getting. The frost on the 6th was notable, by far the thickest frost I've seen in May. I enjoyed the squall line on Bank Holiday Monday too, one of the most intense bursts of rain I've seen in Ireland, the last time I remember such torrential rain is May 2015 I think although the Bank Holiday squall line was probably even heavier. We had some nice, intense showers of relatively large hail at the start of the month mainly, but also on the 18th which featured thunder, which was interesting to me because it doesn't really happen much in my part of the country. The rain and wind on the 20th was quite fascinating because it was a reminder that although May can deliver summery weather like it did last year, that kind of weather can still occur. It was an unusually cool month, with the mean temperature being 1.1c below average, with the sun not really doing much with that breeze that we often had, which again, is fine by me. My favourite day was May 11th, which was a cool, sunny day.

  • Spring 2021 in this area was cold and wet with a lack of sunshine. Utterly dreadful.
    Co. Leitrim.