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How close did I come to drowning?

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    This situation happened last summer.

    I can't swim. I was alone walking parallel to the shore with the water up to my thighs. I was looking towards the shore admiring the scenery and I wasn't paying attention when I realized the water was high on my chest. I must have inadvertently slowly walked outwards away from the shore. I turned toward the shore and started walking. I must have been on a sand bank because after a few steps I suddenly dropped below the water line.

    I basically jumped up vertically while underwater and flipped myself so I was floating on my back. My head was facing the shore. As I said, I can't swim but I did start kicking with my feet and pushing myself along the water with my hands. I did this for about 20 seconds and stood upright again. As before, I went under the waterline. So I repeated the floating / kicking maneuver again but at the end of it I was still not close enough to the shore and was underwater when I stood up. I did it a third time, same result. I doubt i was actually moving very far each time.

    Maybe it was panic or my general level of unfitness, but I started to loose a lot of energy. So two things to note. I was at a very crowded beach in a very popular area at the height of summer. There were probably a dozen or so people within earshot. Secondly, I am only 5 foot 3 so there were other people close to me who were standing up quite comfortably in the water. As I was starting to loose energy and panic a little, I did consider calling for help as a safety net.

    So for another 20 seconds I tried that floating / kicking thing again. This time when I stood upright, my mouth was below the water but my eyes weren't. So I just continued walking to the shore and all was fine.

    I didn't really think anything of it after that but I was watching a TV show recently where someone drowned and it looked similar.

    Just wondering if you think I actually came close to drowning at that time?


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