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What are you reading/analysing at the moment?

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    Last night I watched A Dangerous Method

    I thought it was a decent film, not a lot more than that. Good acting. Beautifully shot. Most the focus is on the relationship between Keira Knightley's character and Carl Jung (Michael Fassbender). She's initially highly distressed, frightened, reluctant, if expressive. The film starts with her being carted off to the hospital.

    We're fairly on in the 'talking cure' approach to psychotherapy. Freud is played by Viggo Mortenson, and this period is framed by his sexual theory understanding of personal problems and the human psyche. The inevitable up and down of his relationship with Jung is pretty well done, partly in person and by correspondence. I think the main criticism here is that the film feels a little too cautious. I don't know of other dramatic pieces that have taken on this period of psychology. Anyone?

    On a book related note, Freud's Civilization and Its Discontents is on my list. Am looking forward to it as I think for some, perhaps myself included, such as re the film above prior to watching, the inherent response is 'Freud? Bit of a plonker'.