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Worst song ever?



  • Oh god there's so many! The worst out of everything I've ever heard, ever, is Soulja Boy - Crank Dat.. I will leave a dance floor if it comes on, even if I'm dancing with a beauty! Then there's Crazy Frog, Ayo Technology (wtf, ayo??) anything by all these new MOCKIA/Mickey mouse rappers.. you know who I'm talking about! Anything by Fatman Scoop and his Crooklyn Clan.. pure muck.

  • irish_bob wrote: »
    would have to be all summer long by kid rock plus rock star by nickleback though i agree about d,essree and life

    the birdy song or even the crazy frog song or even mr blobby , there novelty records and thus are more forgivable

    beat me too it... all summer long is a travesty,,
    we were smoking funny thing singing sweet home......... AAAgh its terrible terrible stuff

  • kid rock-american bad ass,sounds very like sad but true.

  • kid rock-american bad ass,sounds very like sad but true.

    It's a sample, metallica are creditted for it.

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  • All summer long - Kid Rock

    What a heap of utter ****e by a talentless redneck poser.....

    God i hate that song

  • "Thats Not my Name" by the Ting Tings- pure trash. Just horrible, my ears bleed.

  • I'm a Barbie Girl - Aqua


  • kid rock-american bad ass,sounds very like sad but true.
    Not trying to be smart but that's because it is the riff from Sad But True :rolleyes:

  • kid rock all summer long - is so bad it makes me want to hurl chunks of acid puke at the radio and/or telly.

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  • lads perspective please

    kid rocks song pales in comparison to ****e like mm bop by hansen and feckin queen of my heart by westlife, give him a break!

    it may be bad (i actually dont hate it) but its not on the level of utter ****e that deserves to be included in a worst song ever list in fairness

  • Roulette by S.O.A.D

    "I have a problem that I can't not explain
    I have no reason why bit should have been so plain"


    Anything by Radiohead excluding 2+2=5, No Surprises and Karma Police.

  • Any "song" that repeats the same line over and over eg-

    Inspirational stuff :rolleyes:

    Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test

  • Vishangro - The Incredible String Band


  • The-Rigger wrote: »
    Black Betty



    The origin and meaning of the lyrics are subject to debate. Some sources claim the song is derived from an 18th century marching cadence about a flint-lock musket with a black painted stock; the "bam-ba-lam" lyric referring to the sound of the gunfire. Soldiers in the field were said to be "hugging Black Betty". In this interpretation, the rifle was superseded by its "child", a rifle with an unpainted walnut stock known as a "Brown Bess".[8]

    Other sources[who?] claim the term was a contemporary reference for a prostitute, a prison bullwhip, or the "paddywagon".

    David Hackett Fischer, in his book Albion's Seed: Four British Folkways in America (Oxford University Press, 1989), states that "Black Betty" was a common term for a bottle of whiskey in the borderlands of northern England/southern Scotland, and later in the backcountry areas of the eastern United States.

    In Lead Belly's version of the song, Black Betty is characterized as a woman with a child:

    Woah, Black Betty
    Woah, Black Betty

    Black Betty had a child
    Black Betty had a child

    Damn thing gone wild
    Damn thing gone wild

    In an interview (see The Land Where the Blues Began, 1st Edition, Alan Lomax, Pantheon Books, 1993) conducted by Alan Lomax with a former prisoner of the Texas penal farm named Doc Reese (aka "Big Head"), Reese stated that the term "Black Betty" was used by prisoners to refer to the "Black Maria" — the penitentiary transfer wagon. Below is a song in which the term "Black Betty", used to refer to the wagon, appears in the context of a prison work song.[citation needed]

    Black Betty's in the bottom,
    I can hear her roar,
    She's bringing some po sucker,
    With an achin soul.

    She'll bring you here and leave you,
    Let your hammer ring,
    For a hundred summers,
    Let your hammer ring.

    (and now we hear the most familiar part of the song)

    Black Betty's got a baby,
    Let your hammer ring,
    Damn thing's gone crazy,
    Let your hammer ring,
    Dipped its head in gravy,
    Let your hammer ring.

    [citation needed]
    This article or section may contain original research or unverified claims.
    Please improve the article by adding references. See the talk page for details. (April 2008)

    In this interpretation, Black Betty's baby may be the prisoner himself, who has by his own admission "gone crazy" — as it was "Black Betty" who delivered the prisoners into the prison world ("She's bringing some po' sucker"). In the lyrics above, the phrase "Let your hammer ring" is used repeatedly. In this case, the "hammer" refers to the hoes used by prisoners to break up the ground in the cotton fields. The song itself was used to keep a steady rhythm among the workers as they toiled in the field. It had the added benefit of helping the time go by faster through collective participation.

    Many early blues and proto-blues songs follow a theme that the wickedness of man (Adam) is the result of a woman (Eve). A number of early artists sang of how they got mixed up with a woman and ended up in prison as a result; in this context, the personification of the prison wagon as a woman makes sense.

    As Long As You Love Me


    Due to illness and the deadline for the song, member A. J. McLean's vocals do not appear on the recorded version of the song. He was taught the background vocals by Brian Littrell at the music video shoot.

    Fascinating! :pac:

    Brilliant :D

    I hate songs which even the composer doesn't know what it means

  • Billy Don't be a Hero - Paper Lace...uckkkk
    Someday someones going to cover that and they will ruin it :pac:

  • Tonight's gonna be a good night
    Tonight's gonna be a good night
    Tonight's gonna be a good good night

    For me that's the song that killed music.

    Oh and anything by the coronas and that knuckle dragger brezzy

  • GrumPy wrote: »
    Natasha Beddingfield, The one about the babies.

    Mine ears!!1 :pac:

    Its a popular Traveller wedding song..:D

  • I need love by Luka Bloom gets my vote. Truly cringeworthy.

  • friday-rebecca black

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  • My heart will go on- yer one

  • The Beatles-Why Don't We Do It In The Road
    Gloria Gaynor-I Will Survive

  • For starters, the inexplicably successful...

    which has a stomach-emptying aye-aye-aye refrain in common with the other even more inexplicably successful...

    Then there's the smug lyrical vacuousness of

    which was at least redeemed by featuring the world's most disinterested keyboard solo at 1min15 and which could well have provided some inspiration for the pure sh!tefest which is...

    Oh and

  • Cheers for posting all those bangers.

  • SeraphIRL wrote: »
    worst song ever "Blur - Beetlebum" Omfg horrible!!

    Are you 'avin a laugh?! Is he 'avin a laugh?!

    the Christmas shoes song is the worst song ever written, unless it was written for the laugh in which case it's genius.

  • 'Mull of Kintyre' - Wings. Terrible.
    I think we know who the talent in the Beatles was.

  • Barking

    7am in the morning
    She's calling
    I'm yawning

  • spurious wrote: »
    'Mull of Kintyre' - Wings. Terrible.
    I think we know who the talent in the Beatles was.

    Lennon had some sh*t songs in his solo career aswell. Worse stuff than Mull of Kintyre.

  • JimiTime wrote: »
    'Life' by Des'Ree (or whatever way u spell it). That is the worst song ever, FACT! (I've written FACT, which means its beyond arguement:) )

    I don't want to see a ghost
    thats a sight that i fear most
    rather have a piece of toast

    I mean WHAT?? It was the biggest selling bristish single of the year when it was released too:confused: Oh I hate that song so much!

    When I saw the thread title this was the first thing I thought of and I only read the thread to see if anyone posted it. I worked in a record shop the summer it was released and the Des’ree album was one of the CDs on rotation in the store. My appendix burst and I almost died (seriously) over the August Bank Holiday weekend BUT IT WAS PREFERABLE TO LISTENING TO “LIFE” AGAIN.

    It’s closely followed by the entire Pitbull catalogue though. As a rap fan (more old school than the current crop) I especially like the way his lyrical dexterity cleverly changed the rhyming structure inherent in rap - rather than use a different word that sounded like a previously used word to create a rhyme, Pitbull just repeats the same word. It’s genius really........and by genius I mean retarded.

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  • Lot of contenders for that song isn't there... I presume we're talking songs that have charted and done well as opposed to ****e songs written by a local fella down the pub?

    An awful lot of chili pepper songs have absolutely atrocious lyrics, saved by great musicians!

    Barbie Girl by Aqua... Awful.. but maybe they get away with it because it's clearly not a serious song.

    Maybe rhythm is a dancer by Snap, "I'm serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer"