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Read A Book!

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    Just finished Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Great book. Its up there with On the Road.

    If you think your into the drugs scene read this book and see the master at play. Its excellent. Anyone else read any good books lately?


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    Just finished "The Bridge" by Ian Banks. Have now read all his fiction, but only 2 of his science fiction.

    Have been meaning to get a copy of F&L in LV for ages.........

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    books are great.
    h2g2 "trilogy"
    most recently the death and life of bobby Z

    but lets be straight here
    the bridge - iain banks
    The Catcher in the Rye (brilliant, brilliant brilliant!)

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    Busy reading the new Irvine Welsh, and Lord of the Rings (again) and the Billy Bragg biography.

    Iain Banks' books are stunning though. It took me ages to get into the Science Fiction ones, but I prefer them now. His normal fiction is starting to lean more in that direction anyway, but the Culture novels are incredible.

    And I loved Fear & Loathing, but was never able to get in to On the Road. Don't know why. Read nearly half but it still never really gripped me.

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    HHmmmm, yes, dccarm, I have read "against a dark background" (fab 9/10) and was really excited that I had a whole new batch to read, and was never really into sci-fi.

    Next read Inversions which was average.........and than Excession, at which stage I gave up coz I couldn't get into it.

    Can anyone recommend anything as good as "against a dark background"

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    I can't remember which one 'Against a Dark Background' is as I'm not very good with titles, but The Player of Games is excellent and fairly accessible. Excession is hard work but worth it in the end. I think it took me two reads to actually get it.

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    I love reading books about real people, places and events.

    Howard Marks, have just started but pretty good.
    Anything by Bill Bryson(A walk in the woods is great)....although he may be a bit mainstream for all the just discovered Hunter S thompson offense intended, his stuff is addictive, I recommend the Great Shark Hunt by HST, its more of a collection of Hunter stuff but is great....fairly political though.

    later- Trev

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    What about Ian McEwan?? /the first chapter in the book about the stalker (the hot air baloon incident?) and Amsterdam...

    highly recommended. Also first love last rights is the best book of shorts stories I've ever read (also Ian Mc)

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    The hot air balloon incident. 'Enduring Love.' Didn't you find it a huge anti climax? I was gripped for almost all of it and then desperately let down at the end. Atonement is excellent though. Very cleverly written, and it doesn't really all make sense until the last page.

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    yep - enduring love t'was. Your propably right about the ending but I read it ages ago, and as I'm often let down by the end of books and ALWAYS films, it has escaped me.

    Atonenment - havent read that one....

    having the worst few months of my life at the moment....any other suggestions other than reading (and I find chemicals just make it worse too).....

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    The Catcher in the Rye is amazing. one of thos books that you never get tired of. But i'm surprised no-ones metioned George Orwell! 1984 and animal farm are some of the best things i've read! i'm getting more stuff by him at the moment. i can't get enough of that man. however has anyone else read the book Jaws? i thought it sucked!! the middle part had nothing to do with a shark and it justed bored me, but did anyone like it?

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    last thing read: The Hobbit
    Currently reading: Lord of the Rings

    Future reading: The Accidental Diplomat
    A Biography of Brian Wilson

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    last book read : "Band of Brothers"

    current book : "Java, how to program"

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    just read the harry potters (loved them)
    pauline mclynn's two ones....something for the weekend, and better then a rest(loved them also)
    started the lord of the rings..

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    I'm usually switching between 3 books.....that's what TV does to you, but I always finish reading what I start.....most of the time...

    So last 3 I read were: (thinking)

    The Hammer Story By Marcus Hearn & Alan Barnes - excellent book about history of Hammer films

    Dracula By Bram Stoker- A classic, no doubt

    The making of Kind of Blue By Ashley Khan- pretty good book on the making of a timeless classic ..... one of my fav. albums ever

    Currently reading:

    The lady in the Lake By Raymond Chandler....fav. writer
    A biography of Fritz Lang by Patrick Mc Gilligan

    I'm on the look out for a good Prince Biography anyone reccomend one????

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    I dont know off the tops of my head but if you go into your local library they would be able to tell you.

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    shoot the head, kill the ghoul.

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