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Board Charter (Updated Feb 2011) :: Read this first.

  • 29-05-2003 2:29pm
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    This board is to be used as a resource for scuba diving, scuba divers and normal people interested in scuba.

    Here are the rules for the Scuba Diving board. Please follow them and we'll remain happy bunnies ...
    • This is NOT a medical board. If you need medical advice see a doctor we have a list of them here. Asking advice on alternative remedies is also asking medical advice. Don't ask and DO NOT answer. We will be harsh should you answer i.e. you'll be banned.
    • If you have a club we'd love to hear about it but if you consistently spam the board about your club you will be banned for a period of time. And please make an effort to get involved in our community first.
    • If you've found a good resource for buying gear then please tell us about it. That's one of the purposes of this board.
    • If you're selling some of your own gear then please tell us about that too however you must have alisting on and you must use the sticky provided. If there is no link then your post will be deleted. If you post a new thread telling us about your gear for sale it will be deleted.
    • ltd make money from advertising so we will not tolerate blatant commercial advertising by commercial entities on this board. That been said if a discount is offered to members we might turn a blind eye to a single post pointing people in the right direction on the Courses in Ireland thread. This is the only place posts of a commercial nature are allowed.
    • Keep you temper or the moderators may loose theirs.
    • Be fair to others - they may have just started diving.
    • Use of L33t such as "j00 r LU53R" or "1'm l337 D1v3r" will be an automatic ban. Speak in a recognised language - there are no 'Gibsons' when diving.
    • Try and stay on topic.
    • We don't care how good your credentials are, if we decide to delete information with regards to Nitrox mixes or something supplied by you its because ltd does not want to get sued. It is not a reflection on your good self.
    • Please flag any risqué posts as NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and link to any images that may violate this rule instead of using the IMG tags.
    • If you are selling some gear please post on

    To add:
    • Personal insults, baiting and flaming will not be tolerated.


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    Updated regarding the sale of gear - 14/02/2011.

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