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How Much Land/Garden is Too Much?

  • 08-05-2003 2:34pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 81 ✭✭✭ MazyMo

    I was speaking with a couple of auctioneers about rural houses, (not farms - no outbuildings etc).

    I asked, if a rural house had too much land with it, would this make it difficult to sell. They seemed to think that if a rural house did have over a certain amount of land, then it might reduce the number of interested persons when it came to resale; - again, I'm not talking about farms.

    One said if a house had over an acre then this might start to reduce the number of people who might be interested; though another auctioneer said it might be more like over 2 acres.

    Anyone have any thoughts about this?


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    You can never have enough land with a house, unless it's pure bog or swamp, and even then aslong as you don't try and sell it at decent land prices you'll still sell it.