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Gillian O'Sullivan

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    O'Sullivan first in Milan
    Attached courtesy RTE

    Filed at: Thursday , May 01 2003 11:43AM

    Double World Record holder Gillian O'Sullivan from Killarney has placed herself as a clear favourite for this Summers World Championships 20km Walk title with a comprehensive win at the IAAF Grand Prix in Milan today. The 26 year old Kerry woman, who won the first leg of the series in Mexico in March, won the event in a time of 1.27.22 well inside her own Irish record of 1.28.46 ahead of Nowegian Olympic silver medallist Kjersti Platzer who walked 1.29.55.

    She has also put herself in prime contention for the $30,000 overall prize. Olive Loughnane from Loughrea who was also in the race was disqualified at 16km. Meanwhile Cork’s Robert Heffernan will take part in the Mens 20km this afternoon.

    Filed by Johnny Proby


  • Well done to Gillian. Best of luck this summer.

  • Congratuations Gillian! Supremo Kerry athlete! <---- not sure thats even a complment but its mean as one.

    Watched Gillian train on the track at UCC last summer and I have to admit avoided training when she was there. I mean, been passed out by walker would have been too big a hit to my Ego.

  • Not as much fun as watching Olibhe training in the Bishopstown leisure centre, you get to watch some of the "hard men" pounding away on a treadmill suddenly disappear when they realise that the girl next to them is actually walking faster than they're running.

  • yer gas! lol

    ye just proved yerselves that girls are better then boys!! which we are u no!!!! lol


  • I had another really fun day there, a girl came in, really fit looking, proceeded to bicep curl dumbells, first 5kg, then 10, 15, 20, by the time she picked up the 25s I was the only guy left.

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  • god yer so funny!--and i must admit i cant believe ye being lads are admitting to all this!!

    YE GO GIRLS!!! lol

  • I dont have any problem with been bested by a female athlete! for a female athlete to that though it means shes very talented and a dedicated athlete. You have to admire that.

  • Well being a 6'2" 105kg thrower I haven't come across any girl who can out lift me, yet (although I'm sure there are plenty who can and it won't bother me when it happens). I just think it's hilarous when the poser guys with the sun bed tan, perfect hair, muscle tops, weight lifting gloves and belts go bench press 30kg with sound effects and my tiny UCC throwing/hurdling/sprinting friends lift 40 or more with no effort, or clean and jerk a larger percentage of their body weight than the rugby players.