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SELF-BUILD Wooden-Frame House & Cost

  • 01-05-2003 12:18pm
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    I'm considering the possibility of self-build (well, hiring a contractor to build) a wooden frame house.

    It's just something I thought about a few days ago, so it's not something I know much (anything really) about.

    I just wondered what the general consensus is on wooden-frame houses (finished with block, brick or stone). Are wooden-frame houses generally considered to be equal to "ordinary" brick or block houses?

    As far as I know, when you purchase one of the wooden frame house, then the manufacturing company delivers the frame to your site and builds the frame on-site. Then you have to either build the rest of the house yourself (with friends) or hire a contractor to do this.

    After the frame has been built, there is the plumbing, electrical work, painting, roof tiles, kitchen units, wall & floor tiles to do. Also the foundation has to be built before the frame is even delivered and constructed.

    If I was getting a contractor to do the more difficult work such as plumbing, plastering, electrics, roof tiles, and also construct the foundation; would anyone have an idea as to what this might cost for a 1200sq.ft. house? Or what it might approximately cost per sq.ft.?

    I know it's impossible to give anything accurate. Anyone know what it might cost to do the foundation and also the roof tiles, plumbing, plastering, electrics (I think the windows are usually provided with and installed with the frame).

    Any other tips about this are very much welcome........


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    (As per your question in the other thread) We didn't look into self build timber homes. I have heard only good things about them though.

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    Marky ,
    I too am interested in this but can't shed any info more than you've already mentioned.

    I was at the ideal homes exhibition a few weeks ago and the only guy/gal I talked to that evening was a guy from a Timber Frame house company TMB or something like that based in Thurles I think .

    He told me they were much better insulated than brick and that they were as cheap if not cheaper.

    I couldn't really get my head around that cause if I built a timber frame house I'd like to have an internal and external brick/block wall so surely then you'd be adding to the cost of a normal brick/block built house ????

    What do you think ?

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 20 markymark


    I've started a thread on the Gardening/DIY forum, so check there for info.

    I'm also trying to find out about steel frames, as these seem to have a lot going for them.

    I'm not entirely sure how/why timber frames supposedly work out cheaper; it's maybe due to the quicker overall build time. Not sure. But check the GARDENING/DIY forum for replies from people who (hopefully) know a lot more about this than I do!

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    Have you had a look at

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    Century Homes in Monaghan (i think) are the leaders in timber framed housing in Ireland...

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    Finished a timberframed home 2000sq ft about a year ago in Longford. Very happy with the timber frame, it allowed me to do a lot of the internal work myself. In fact if I was starting again, I'd do the whole inside myself!
    I is easier to meet the current 2002 building regs with TF. In fact with the general poor quality of irish builders you should expect to reach 90% of the designed insulation value with TF compared to as low as 50% with a typical block cavity wall construction. (BRE research, I'll expand on that in another post if anyones interested)

    My frame cost approx €40k including internal doors, stairs, skirting etc including erection by the company. (I was screwed over on the rest of the build, but that's another rant,) that cost 90k for foundations, block work, plastering inside and out, roof and electrical. I went for a very high spec plumbing and heating (10k for heatpump, 17k pressurised plumbing and underfloor heating). All in all about 200k for the house and I did all of the decoration myself.
    As I said if you were prepared to do more work yourself and if you did the quoting process properly you could probably get away with 150k for a house my size. Allow about 700-1000 per square metre for a complete build and decorate (1sq meter about = 11 sq ft)

    >(I think the windows are usually provided with and installed with the frame).
    'Afraid not, allow about 8k for this and go with low e glass, it's only slightly more expensive now, and will save about 2-3% on your heating bill minimum.
    Let me know if you want more tips on energy saving, it's an interest of mine

    I'll post my full costings (EXCEL) in a new thread
    • Internal insulation
    • plaster board
    • second fit carpentry (door come in a frame which you just screw to the opening)
    • tiling, not as hard as it looks, but plan it well
    • obviously: painting
    • paths
    • if you are confident enough, slating the roof

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  • Registered Users Posts: 20 Beanie13

    Is this a more competitive option now? anyone have a recent experience they would like to share or what is involved in the process....?

  • Registered Users Posts: 81,223 ✭✭✭✭biko

    Since this thread was started in 2005 a whole section for houses has become available

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