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reale and chamney

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 15 ✭✭✭ david brent

    both running 1.49 odd over in the states. chamney qualifies for euro juniors and a grant, reale misses euro u-23s by under a second. both won their races so hopefully theres more to come. maybe it'll inspire some of our other stateside athletes into some decent performances.


  • yeah that was great running by both guys, but david lay off on the other stateside runners, obviously you have no idea what college life is like in the states, all the races are heaped on one another, and college is lumped in their too, and if you arent in bang on shape comming into the season you aint got a chance to recover, 6 weeks and each season(indoor and outdoor) is over, and usually u have to race every weekend because of team commitments, anyway thats just my take on it, so lay off on the rest, but huge props to reale and chamney..

  • im not having a go at any of the athletes, ive no doubt that they're puttin in maximum effort. its the ruthlessness of the system that ive a problem with. i mean look at fagan, he's at providence with reale yet while liam is running pbs, martin is runnin slower than he did 2 years ago. thats not martins fault, its clearly the system and the training schedule he's involved in. you've got to feel for the guy, he cant be enjoying the experience and hes thousands of miles from home. its sad to see. personally id love to see all the lads in the states running to their abilities and i wish them the best of luck!