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Athletics Stadium in Malta

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 77 ✭✭✭ Ed Healey

    As you enter the stadium, which is a fairly modest affair, there is, or at least was, a sign which reads "No Football".

    If only there were signs like that at Santry and Waterford...


  • Ah but ed, my petulent friend
    the marta stadium's potential does not end
    for footballers, our shiny clothed cousins
    can equally descend there in their dozens
    as, my dear, know you not the warm up straight?
    look across it, for beside lane eight
    you will find some soccer loving locals
    giving it loads so lets hear the vocals
    four nil four nil four nil four nil
    (those scouser infidels took a spill!)

  • It is always good to hear from our literate friend Euro Bike.

    Would a Euro Bike be a bit like a Penny Farthing of the unicycle persuasion?

  • Whats wrong with football?

  • Whats wrong with football?

    Nothing whatever ..... provided its played in its own place. The situation in our National Athletic Stadium over the past few years has been nothing short of disgraceful. Just ask any of the throwers.