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Towards a Better Board

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 112 ✭✭ MartinNutty

    I sent the following message out to users of my old chat board. I hope to see traffic building here.


    Hi Folks,

    I've decided to shut down the Irish Athletics Chat board at:

    Most of the former users opted to move to an unregulated board as was there choice. Hopefully there will be a venue for a reasoned discussion on Irish Athletics in the future which will combine good chat board technology and eliminate some of the dross that is posted all to regularly.

    You might want to check out the following site as an alternative:

    Best wishes to you all

    Martin Nutty


  • Thanks Martin.

    Any suggestions for how this forum can improve are welcomed.

  • Hi Ecksor,

    I think you need to make the case for the ease of use this board provides. In addition to the elimination of some of the more questionable anonymous posts.


  • Hi Martin.

    I've tried doing that (although I may not be making the best descriptions). As far as I'm concerned, I'm involved in boards anyway and I'm involved in athletics and the current active board has a problem so I have an obvious solution to the problem.

    I don't have a lot of time or inclination to try to convince people, but this board is available to use anyway and I'm only too happy to help in any way I can.

  • Hi Ecksor,

    I posted my board shut down message on the current board, we will see what kind of response is received. I'm sure it won't all be flowers and chocolate :-).

    As traffic builds up here, I expect we'll see the more thoughtful move.


  • from a technical and/or aesthetic point of view, this board is much better & since you can still post without registration hopefully people will eventually move over to this one.

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  • Hi Martin,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for trying to provide a board for reasoned athletic debate. That people decided not to use it and move to the other board probably reflects the fact that a lot of the posters have no interest in using a board for this purpose but rather needd a board to use as a vehicle to post what are, oftentimes, moronic and, sometimes, offensive and malicious postings.

    As one who is not a prolific poster - I tend to read and make the odd comment - it is hard for me to berate 'serious' posters for deserting Martin's board. However, I wish this Board well and hope it provides a forum for some real athletics chat.

  • I do hope that this board takes off. Why Martin's didn't, I haven't a clue, but surely anything would be an improvement on the present situation. Thanks to Martin for making the effort.

    It would be good to see some of the serious contributors from the other board appear here. Maeve, Pierce, Liam, Eamonn et al.

    Irish Athletics needs a forum like this for all of us to express views and share information, discuss and argue. It does not need the constant rubbishing that had become all too prevalent on the other board.

    So hello everbody...

  • Indeed, hello. I'm one of the admins around here and primarily responsible for order and conduct. We allow each community to set its own guidelines and posting standards and then the moderators and administrators (gently) enforce them.

    As an ex-schoolboy-international sprinter I still have a fondness for athletics and an admiration for people who work that hard to be the best they can.

    I certainly wont be tolerating stupid, inane or uncivil posts and the lack of registration really makes little difference in tracking someone down. We regularly track down pests who persist in seriously disrupting community communication. The community itself sets the bar on what constitutes "muppetry".

    We've a lot of specialist communities here and none have ever found a problem. I hope that you wont either and if theres anything you need drop me or ecksor a PM.


  • I've shut down my old board leaving a link to this board. I disabled posting so no mor new messages can be added


  • Does this baord have legs? Are enough people posting to make it a viable alternative to the unregulated board?

    Interesting that the unregulated board admin has acknowledged the poor quality posts of many but left the board open.



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  • Martin,

    I believe this Board is getting legs and appears to be beginning to find its way. The 'unregulated' board now seems to have more regulation, at least not nearly the same amount of personal invective is being posted there. I would love to see this board continue and develop into a true meaningful discussion board for athletics.

    Well done to the Administrator for the excellent job being done.