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Remote Access

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    Registered Users Posts: 18,589 Stephen

    So, who's going to have pca/vnc/whatever access to this new server once it comes online?

    - Munch


  • a few of us should have access imo, but the changing around of servers etc. should be left to only one or two who have had experience of doing it ie. Munch, Greenbean and Enora, for things like maps it should be fairly ok for a few more of us to have access to it, but we would have to lay down rules as to what people are allowed to do, we don't want the server going down because person x does something which they weren't sure about.

    On a side note, the version of PCA that enora has doesn't work in win2k, only vnc does, any idea's?

  • If you wanted to give people accounts just for installing maps and the like, you could run a private FTP server on the box, with the root directory of account x set to the root directory of one of the HL servers. Make an account for each one, and then anyone with the password can install maps smile.gif

    - Munch

  • Worrying that, me and munch thinking so alike, actually installed an ftp server on the box today with the root pointing at the HLserver directory........oooohhh scary. Anyway for more major work I now have PCA and VNC running. Update, Servers are installed and running as is PB, Admin mod, VNC, PCA, Http server, FTP server, RW base station (problem with it), Firewall, and various other bits. Also a pile of maps, i have a full list in .txt form (4k) if you wanna copy to see if i missed any important ones then let me know......