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has anyone got my pc setup?

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    here is what i have:

    piii 600mhz
    128mb ram
    nvidia TNT2
    creative sound blaseter LIVE!
    13.8 gb hd
    dvd player

    i have cs running at 600x480 (is that the correct numbers?)
    i run hl.exe -game cstrike -nojoy -noipx (no heapsize command)
    i have my fps cpped at 51(to give me constand 50)
    but it drops to 33 when drawing any kind of action.

    i am running with display.cfg (a bit modiefed, a la sev who got it from gideon i believe) (my cs is running intriliniar filtering mode, gl_picmip 1, gl_playermip 5


  • Im Exactly the same Except I have a PIII 450.

    I get 99 FPS constant, never drops below 72 on a LAN, and have externally clocked (as in measured) my HL FPS at up to 140 FPS.

    No, u can't have all my secrets. Ill answer more specific questions though.

    And BTW, my PC crashes all the time with set up the way it is, and Im really cutting down on its life span. Once I don't instantly get Blue Screen loading CS/Q3/Unreal it never seems to crash in game smile.gif

    in 800 x 600 of course btw. wink.gif

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  • Do you have isdn Pi$$er?

    One thing I've wanted to know for a do you exernally o/c the fps max in HL??

  • hmm, HL can't give more than it's fps_max command regardless of machine, with "timerefresh" you get what the machine could be doing

    fps_max is capped at 100

    You can overclock the computer to get a better frame rate too, but if it crashes alot it is a bad overclock, and you need to bring it down a bit until stability

    make sure vsync is off, if it's on your framerate will always be a divisible of the monitor's refresh rate

    change your desktop to the res you run HL in, i.e 800x600 16 bit colout, and set your monitor refresh rate as high as the monitor will take comfortably, then every time you play the game, the monitor will go to that refresh rate, works in Me, not sure about 98/95

    nice clear image of HL, 120hz, 99fps, 1024 or 1280 smile.gif

  • Pi$$ can you have that fps on that must be measuring your fps by timerefresh in the console?

    I have a PIII 733mhz, 256mb pc133 ram, 7200rpm 10.2gig seagate hdd and a geforce2mx agp 32mb ram.

    I have my core overclocked by 20 and the memory by 35mhz...........I have highfps models.......proper drivers etc....directx8.0a.

    I'm on a modem and I get 45-100 fps.......if i timerefresh I get around 240/250.

    How can you have constant 99fps but yet on a lan it never drops below 72 confused.gif

  • A Few Qs Answered:

    No, I do Not Have ISDN. But I rarely Play CS on-line. In fact the only real reason I have a PC is to get CS running at it's best on it. It's a project of mine. Sure if i wanted to, I could just play off a 1/2 MB line on a 1GHz PIII and GeFOrceII. I do work in DnC after all. smile.gif

    Set FPS Max to 200. It is impossible to o/c a measurement of yr FPS m8. smile.gif But your FPS can be higher then 100 in HL, only it will only register as 100 in game when it is over that number.

    The short answer to Tactical Anni's Question is with bucketloads of work and effort.

    And what I meant in that comment is I get over 100 FPS in a LAN, which never drops below 72 regardless of whats going on on-screen.

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  • P3 800, GF1 SDR, 128Meg, SBLive! (Surround mixer refuses to 'load plugins')
    99.9fps [email protected], 85hz
    Det3 6.5, Dx7.0a, run HL in OpenGL as OpenGl automatically uses the Geforces T&L engine, but Dx doesn't as HL was a Dx6 game. I re-installed weindows lately there, i have refresh sync off, no FSAA, no complicated stuff, and teh rendering is JERKY! I t was perfectly smooth a while ago, until went messign about with beta drivers => my fps plunged to 35 hence re-install. I forget what settings i had, but i have fps_max 100 and fps_modem 50 Is tehre anything I can do cos its wreaking my head. I aslo get a ping of ~200 with rate at 2000 and pushlatency -100 Is tehre anything else ic an do? high-fps models won't help, its jst something thats ****ed up. is tehre anyways that HL could be rendering in 32-bit colour by accident? I only have SDR ram on the Gforce so teh bandwidth isn't tehre really for 32-bit, and HL wasn't built for efficeint use of modern rendering techniques.