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Dolby surround sound

  • 22-03-2001 10:32am
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    I've been trying to get the dolby surround sound that is broadcast with most movies on sky premier to work but to no avail. Has anyone else had this problem ?

    I have the standard PACE digibox and a sony dav s300 home cinema system which has a DVD player and built in dolby AMP. I've connected the digibox to the amp using standard audio phono cables from the audio out on the digibox to the audio in on the DVD player. When I have it hooked up like this I get stereo sound but no surround sound. I know that sky is not yet broadcasting in dolby 5.1 but sky have told me that there is no reason why I can't get dolby surround sound. I'm not sure if I have a faulty digibox or I need higher capacity cables to carry the digital signal or just that I have it connected up wrong.

    I'd appreciate any help or suggestions that people might have.



  • It sounds like you have not got the amp set up properly to work with Dolby Surround. Once the amp receives the stereo signal it should have no problem converting it to Surround. Check the manual to see if there is a specific Dolby Surround Setting that you should select.

  • The amp and DVD player are all in one. The setting on the amp that I use is one which is meant to decode the sound as it is received i.e if it is dolby surround it broadcasts in dolby surround, if it is stereo it broadcasts in stereo. I think the problem is in getting the correct signal into the amp.

    I read on one website that you need to use videa phono to carry a digital signal . Is this true and is it applicable in my case ?

    Has anyone manged to hear surround sound from sky and if so what cables have they used and how did they hook it up.

  • I have my Dolby Prologic system connected to my TV, using a standard audio cable. The TV is outputting a stereo signal which the HiFi system receives and then converts to Dolby Prologic (Surround).

    You should get surround sound on all Stereo channels including the terrestrial ones.

  • Are you sure your cinema system is Dolby Surround Sound (i.e analogue) because Dolby digital is totally different so if you have a receiver which is only dolby 5.1 compatable you won't be able to get dolby surround. It sounds to me that your system is just dolby 5.1 because its made exclusivly for the dvd player.

    Just a thought ...

  • I don't have the manual with me but according to the website it supports the following:

    Digital cinema sound
    Dolby surround prologic
    Dolby digital
    DTS digital

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is dolby surround different to dolby surround pro-logic ?

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  • No pro-logic is the same as dobly surround sound its just the official name for it. It thats the case that it supports pro-logic theres only two options left either your set-top box is dodgy or theres a button on your amp to select pro-logic that you havn't selected.

    I'd check your manual when you get home and if it still doesn't work ring sky and tell them to get someone to come out and check your box.

  • In answer to your question you don't need any special cables digital cables are somthing entirly different they are for transmitting 5.1 digital signals i.e DVD or CD they are not used for sky. The sound from sky is not digital its analogue hence you only need the two phono cables L + R. The decoder in your amp then turns this signal into Surround.

  • Thanks for your help on this


  • No Probs hope I could help U !