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Manual tuning of the decoder

  • 02-03-2001 3:58pm
    Registered Users Posts: 166,039 ✭✭✭✭ LegacyUser

    There's a function to manually add channels to the decoder, but you need the frequencies, polarities e.t.c.

    Does anyone have any information on additional channels that are not listed on the EPG?



  • it is mainly tests that aren't on the EPG. go to <!--EZCODE AUTOLINK START--><a href="; OLDREF=""></a><!--EZCODE AUTOLINK END--> also when Eurobird launches @ 28.5 degrees east we will be able to get some other channels too. what channels these are i don't know

  • Hi,

    I have the UK terrestrial channels tuned in in the other channels section. Most of the time they do not work, but twice I have been able to receive them free to air (the second time was for 5 days).

    To add them you need to go to services, then system setup and the add channels option.

    The frequencies are as follows

    11720H - SR27500 - FEC 2/3 for
    BBC Choice,
    BBC News 24
    BBC Knowledge
    BBC 1 Northern Ireland

    11758H - SR 27500 - FEC 2/3 for
    Channel 5

    11798H - SR 27500 - FEC 2/3 for
    BBC Radio 1
    BBC Radio 2
    BBC Radio 3
    BBC Radio 4 FM
    BBC Radio 4 LW
    BBC Radio Scotland FM
    BBC Radio Wales
    BBC Radio Ulster
    BBC Asian Network
    BBC World Service Europe

    12168 V - SR 27500 - FEC 2/3 for
    Channel 4

  • Like ShaneOC, I too have the BBC/Ch4 stations manually tuned into the Add Channels section....and I do check them very often just in case.
    The add channels function does not gurantee you extra stations however they do broadcast Test Transmissions of new stations that will start shortly.
    Sometimes you do get stations worth watching. A few weeks ago sky sports box office was showing the Celtic/Rangers match free to air,when normally you had to pay SBO for the game, and Disney was broadcasting free to air also for a time.
    However most of the time, as said, most of these are just test cards of promos.
    Hope that helps....

  • whats this about being able to get eurobird channels on skydigital? as you stated, eurobird is on 28.5 degrees. skydigital is on 28.2 degrees east. it may work but i doubt it

  • How will we be able to get Eurobird when Sky is 28.2 and Eurobird is 28.5 ??

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  • eurobird will use different frequencies and fec and symbol rate will be different ie 22000 (symbol) 5/6 (fec), so there wont be any interference hopefully, most will be picked up by ur digibox

  • Thanx Arkles I'll look forward to the extra channels !! is there any news of a start date ?

  • easter, mid april, the launch was posponed for a week or so